How Stephon Clark Was Killed by the Police: 23 Seconds, 5 Critical Moments | Visual Investigations

At 9:26 on a Sunday evening, Stephon Clark encountered two police officers. Twenty-three seconds later, they shot and killed him. We analyzed the extensive …


  1. ঠান্ডা মাথায় খুন। সব দোষ প্রতিবেশীর। পুলিশ বিশ্বাস করেই এসেছিলো এর কাছে বন্দুক আছে ..

  2. This is why I hate police so bad that they just do what ever they want to stop the suspect even though they don't really know what is going on or its because of the caller miss understanding of what is going on

  3. Honestly, these cops/officers need to relax. Why tf would they need to be so aggressive in a high level. I understand that their doing there job but, man that's just murder, shooting bunch of times and still think they are okay?

  4. We should all ignore the question why he was running because thats would be questioning a dead guy's innocence. And by rule we should all glorify a dead man like brainwashed people. Btw those police are idiots firing so many shots

  5. To those who say it's Stephon Clark's fault that he's dead because he ran and refused to obey police orders. Tell me, what is the (general) punishment for disobeying a police office in the US? Surely that can't be death. I could understand (but don't agree) if the callout was related to a violent crime and a firearm was used, but this was allegedly over vandalism (?) if I heard correctly. So then what's the (general) punishment for vandalism? To argue that he lost his life because of the 'crime' of disobeying police orders or vandalism is absurd to me. But then that's just a NZer's perspective – it seems par for the course over there in 'Merica. Sad that a grandson/son/brother/father's life was taken away over disobeying an unannounced police officer. And no, those "orders" are not unique to police – if you believe that, then you're empowering any persons with ill intent to creep around a corner in the dark and bark those "orders" at you, and your gullible self would happily comply.

  6. This is how I vision things would go if I was vandalizing cars , then ran from the scene , I get caught in a dark backyard and The the Police say "Show Me Your Hands" , then I don't , Or say anything to them , but walk towards them without saying a word with a Cellphone in my hand

    The1st rule of not getting killed , is Don't do Stupid Sh!t

  7. Dont u think it's strange that there are so many headlines in the news about white cops killing unarmed black men.dont you think just maybe there's an agenda behind it? People need to start looking deeper into this to see how it's all connected. The government wants to divide us. The race card is so easy to use when dividing Americans and turning them against eachother. All of these white cop on unarmed black man shootings are perpetrated by our government to divide us and keep us distracted from their true agendas. Wake up. The definition of terrorism is a government by terror. They keep us living in constant fear,terrorized on every front so that when the government swoops in with their solution,we readily accept it.

  8. Why would you not put your hands up when police have a gun on you and approach them when they think you have a gun. He should of dropped the phone and put his hands up. I'm no fan of the tyrants we call police but I'd probably shot too. You think someone has a gun and comes at you in the dark.

  9. I've never seen one of these where they raise their hands up and then get shot. Not saying he should've been shot but everyone of these involves the suspects ignoring police commands

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