HOLIDAY CANDLE HAUL ❄ Candles by Victoria!

Today we’re going to be talking about my all-time favorite candle company- Candles by Victoria! I recently placed an order on her website, so I decided to do this …


  1. I learned about this brand from Jen (Luvs Reviews) recently!! I want to try them out, but I'm so lost when it comes to all the scents…. I need to find an affordable way to try out a few different scents without breaking the bank.. maybe the smallest candle/melt options? Or, if they have a sampler set….. hmm…

  2. okay this is weird. I have an order thats on the way and its almost all of what you got lol most of it, I have never tried so its nice seeing what you think of them before I get them (im more excited)

  3. I wish I could order from Candles by Victoria, but they don't ship internationally (not to non-English speaking countries at least). Can anyone recommend candles that are similar in quality to what CBV offer?

  4. You are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. We can't thank you enough for sharing the CBV love with your viewers, thank you from the bottom our hearts for the review and for all the kind things you said. My entire family watched this video with me and you had us in tears just from the kindness you shared. Thank you so very much and enjoy all your goodies!! xoxo

  5. You always look gorgeous but you are looking extra amazing today. Do they ever have any sales? Looking forward to checking them out. Also I know that misshollyberries loves them too!

  6. I’m really glad you made this video! I have been planning on ordering a few candles for mom for Christmas from this company! I’ve never ordered from them before so it’s nice to hear a bit about them from someone I trust!

  7. I love Victoria! My faves are Blueberry muffin, Banana nut bread and Peppermint vanilla yum 😋👅 I have wanting to try the Pooh Bear one but I do not floral but I love clean, florals give me headaches. My husband got so mad at me the first time I burned the Blueberry cause he thought I had made muffins haha! She will change the color for the candles I believe. Thanks I really enjoyed, I need my peppermint and cinnamon candle fix for the holidays. I love that her sight has comments from customers describing scents, it’s so helpful.

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