Hate Speech Isn’t Real (2nd Edition) | Change My Mind

Steven Crowder RETURNS to have real conversations with real people on hot button issues. For this edition, Steven revisits the triggering issue of “hate speech.


  1. Unlike many people in these comments, I liked the first girl. She was respectful, and although she didn’t know how to fix a ‘problem’ she was willing to try. At least she was respectful and intelligent.

  2. Always hilarious to see NPC's going in high gear. ''i don't think he told the masses he was going to murder six million jews'' What else do they believe? every German is a passive aggressive chiseled jawlined chain-smoking psychopath? This western nazifobia and shielding of the ''chosen people'' is the most stupid trance in the history of humanity

  3. Hahaha, that first kid. Bless his heart.
    He has a pretty conservative stance on the topic!
    "Yes, you can say what you want, but it's not in your best interest to say anything openly bigoted."
    Exactly! That's just a rational way to think of it. I'm surprised Steven didn't cut it off because they were both obviously already on the same page.

  4. Your argument is completely different from your statement. You agree that hate speech exists, but your stance is that it is protected by freedom of speech. It seems as though you purposely make your statements edgy to try and draw people into a losing argument when you don’t even clearly state your point. Also love your show and that you’re promoting these insightful conversations where people with different views can talk with each other.

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  6. 14:30 Would the sentence also be called 'call to action'?

    "Hmm, I would like Steven Crowder to be run over by a car. Hmm I wonder if if I might have a reward if someone does that, hmm who knows? Call me and we'll see *SmileyFace*"

    I certaintly think hate speec should be illegal. What use does it have to society? We don't need backward thinking racists on this earth, I think we all can agree on that. Fuck 'em.

    Also, in my opinion, the American amendments that you value so much were written buy old dudes three hundred years ago. They are rather outdated, and should be updated. That's why they are called amendments.

  7. wow this is just admirable to watch all these lovely people coming up to you to do a legit discussion. i live in Denmark and what you're doing is both illegal here, and it's not something any danish person would do just because it's not acceptable in Denmark to do.
    Freedom of speech is our birth right BUT one has to take responsibility for one's words.

  8. It's funny how these young people want to change the laws for their own benefit when it suits them and their life, but when it comes to the majority of us, we have absolutely NO RIGHT TO OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH OR ARE NO LONGER PROTECTED UNDER CERTAIN LAWS AND REGULATIONS IN CORRELATION WITH THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!!!! The millennial generation needs to BACK OFF with their pushy ways!!!!!

  9. Yes, it is OK to legislate against hate speech.

    "It has never not backfired". What is meant by this? Yes, legislation against hate speech is by definition limiting the freedom of speech. However, many European countries are still healthy, peaceful and flourishing democracies while having imposed hate speech legislation.

    That being said. Yes, you should be extremely careful by limiting the freedom of speech.

  10. Even the "Intellectual" Pysch guy, willing to stand against the wall if the mob decided "we don't like your views", was close to understanding how the Firing Squad might show up for him. All the folks were enjoyable. Hopefully we're close to a backlash against the "Thought Police".

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