1. I respect Frankie for helping all the people in this series and finding them treatments, picking them up, etc….but, I was always curious if he was straight the whole series. He sweated SO much during every episode. On the other hand, Allie was def not on anything and was way different. Either way, I hope he continues to do what's best for him. Much props for him & Allie helping lots of people.

  2. Once you go down the drug addiction rabbit hole, a part of it always stays with you. It will always be an option that either you deny or you give in to. Also, for some who are around it constantly, it is a reminder of a place they don't want to go back to, but for others, it is a temptation. I hope Frankie finds a positive way to live with this addiction.

  3. Chronic relapsers are often people who can not or will not be completely honest with themselves or others. You can go out and try and help a bazillion people but if your not spiritually grounded, your gonna eventually relapse over and over again.
    Taking subs and combining it with coke, weed and heroin is a disaster waiting to happen. Frankie needs prayer, support and empathy. Good luck dude!

  4. Frankie is the worst kind of addict. The kind that thinks they don’t need help, they don’t need detox and they know everything

    And being prescribed subs is nothing to be ashamed off. Using coke and pain pills is different

  5. I've definitely chewed my mom out when I was super irritable on subs too…. Normally camera men aren't supposed to say a word, but you can definitely hear the concern in his voice at the beginning. Really hope he gets help and gets well.

  6. I just prayed for you. Bro. I feel you when you say detox at home. I was on 6 to 8 norcos a day for 8 years. And I just detoxed at home. Yes it was physically painful for like 2 weeks. But it’s so worth it. I took cold meds. Detox is like having the worse cold ever. You can do it guys. By the 3rd day. Diarrhea goes away. It’s so great Being sober. It’s been a year now.

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