1. Hi again Jeff.
    I know you have lots of experience of the hd4. Did you ever try it out with a coil shock?
    Have heard that ibis does not recommend a FOX coil due to a long cleavis leding to too little bushing overlap.
    But what about other coils? Did you ever try, and in that case what's your take on this?
    I ride aggressive AM/Enduro doing a lot of pedalling in steep terrain. Been happy with the X2 until the last month when it developed som issues with air in the oil chamber two times in a short time…
    Considering a coil shock as an upgrade but can't find any info regarding this.

  2. Hey Jeff, what’s the name of those grips on the bike in the back ground and let me know your thoughts on them please. I think I’ve seen PB’s review on them and I’m wanting to see if they are worth the extra cash. Thx

  3. Dude your videos Rock! I just ordered a Mojo 3, it's a custom build from Jenson with the X2 shock. This kind of info is super helpful.
    Keep up the great work, cheers!

  4. Yes,I am getting ready to put a 2018
    X2 on my Santa Cruz 2018 model and I weigh 180lbs I ride in very rocky territory 10 foot drops and bike parks I have a Fox 36 factory float forks my question is what would I set my high speed compression and low speed at on the X2 I am running 2 volume spacers right now I ride super aggressively in most instants and at other times I do the urban ride with a lot of concrete steps,curbs,drops Ext.where would I set the blue and red adjustments at?Thank you

  5. Nice work on the review; and with your bike skills your review I highly valuable. How firm is the pedal platform in comparison to the Fox 36 climb setting. Is it near lockout or just slightly firmer than open? Thanks!

  6. Jeff, I've just subscribed to your channel. Amazing riding! I've just purchased an x2 and looking for help in dialling in the settings. Did you ever do the video showing how you set it up and your settings, that you mentioned in previous comments? Thanks

  7. Hey Jeff! I ride in WA state, mainly tiger, swan creek and capitol forest. I am slightly on the heavy side (5'11", 205lb). I was looking to buy either the x2 or the coil version for my 2018 Nomad. Which one would you suggest? thank you man!

  8. Hey Jeff! I'm getting close to clicking enter on the Ripmo, but have the budget for the base build. I'm a Clydesdale, and after watching your awesome review, I'm wondering if its worth the extra (almost) extra $300 upgrade for the X2 from the DPX2. Reason i'm asking is that because i'm a larger rider (~240#), your comments about benefits for larger riders intregued me. Thoughts? THANKS!

  9. I've been running the fox dpx2 on my HD4. I was a little hesitant to upgrade to the x2 fearing i would lose the poppy playfulness. After watching your vids and doing some more research I decided to pull the trigger! Keep up the good work on the channel. BTW your bike skills are ridiculous!!

  10. I’ve got a 17 giant Reign advanced with stock fox float x2 with low compression tune. I weight 200lbs and have to pump to 250 psi with max vol spacers and it just touches30%. This makes it very firm but still goes through travel easy. If I revalve to medium tune would it make a difference in being able to put less psi to achieve sag. Some people have said to put in psi same as your weight but mines weight over….

  11. hi can u tell me how "lockout" mechanism on this shock works? I saw in other vids that lockout leaver doesnt "click" into place like in other shocks instead u can move it freely and put exacly where u want. Does that mean u can precisely chose how much "lockout" u want ?

  12. Great review! Would you mind sharing your specific setup for your X2? I love your style of riding and I am probably about the same size and weight as you. Would like to try how you have yours dialed in.

  13. Greetings!
    may I ask you this one thing, my float x2's shaft is marked with black oil strips (you know: leakage). Should I get it serviced or is a no problemo? Don't really wanna service it if it doesn't need to. It's soo expensive with fox suspension…

    thank you sir!

  14. Do you ever have an issues with this stock not cycling properly or going through all of its travel and then back out? I have this on my hd4 and my travel seems to be stuck and not cycling through to full travel. I live in fairly cold climate so I was thinking maybe it's just gummed up, but I have had it inide for a day now thinking it would spring back but with no luck so far

  15. That is the one issue that I have had with many air shocks and forks, the absence of high speed compression. Not many have highly adjustable speed compression. Having that extra adjustment beyond just adjusting the air pressure makes a big difference.

  16. Hi Jeff, Thanks for all the great videos and fun details. I have a Fox Float DPx2 on a new rig and I'm trying to educate myself more about rebound. I live in Phoenix and ride terrain that is quite chunky and rocky even on the single track. I am also about 193 lbs at 6' tall. With my rebound set in the middle, I'm get in stretches of descending where I feel like the front end is almost vibrating through all the bumps at high speed. Lots of chunky loose rocks on the trail here. Any recommendations on how to smooth out the flow on chunky/rocky trails? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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