Florida Medical Marijuana Review (Trulieve Truclear Grand Daddy Purp, 9Lb Hammer,Super Sour Diesel )

This video is a Florida Medical Marijuana Review of the Trulieve Dispensary products that I would recommend which would be Grand Daddy Purp, 9Lb Hammer, …


  1. Annoying bastard, trulieve is only good for shatter….vapes weak, look on street for vapes in Orlando area brass knuckles and kingpens are going around steady the past year. Truelieve vapes are like 60 percent thc. Horrible. I pay 40 for 93 percent n 6 perc my cbd, one gram distillate. Newbies.

  2. My sister uses them and has said nothing but great things about their service. I cannot smoke due to my job, however I have PTSD from my military service and chronic pain due to an injury. Unfortunately I am stuck with the big pharma for now. Hopefully things start to change soon because I would like to try other methods outside of all these pills.

  3. What you mean stop selling ceramic vapor cups? Still on the website and they have been selling product about 5 months with DoH approval. If they stop selling those I shred my card I forgot the ad why didn't you include the guy from Anonymous doing reviews LOL WTF

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