1. Would it be possible to take a look at this article, which indicates that soy is bad for pregnant women:

    Changes in male reproductive system and mineral metabolism induced by soy isoflavones administered to rats from prenatal life until sexual maturity
    Piotrowska, Katarzyna ; Baranowska-Bosiacka, Irena ; Marchlewicz, Mariola ; Gutowska, Izabela ; Noceń, Iwona ; Zawiślak, Monika ; Chlubek, Dariusz ; Wiszniewska, Barbara
    Nutrition, 2011, Vol.27(3), pp.372-379.

  2. Can you do a video about how & where to find reliable studies online for those of us who aren't in the medical field? I try to do research on my health conditions and on medications and treatments that are available but it's very frustrating. Bonus points if you can point us in the direction of free or cheap resources!

  3. But is the Affordable Care Act actually going to be affordable? I have been waiting for that to happen since it was passed. When it went into affect my premium for similar coverage I previously had more than doubled and my deductible quadrupled. Yes that premium is after tax credits applied. Maybe if there weren't so many required coverages in the plans that I physically could never use my insurance would be around the $150/month with a $1,000 deductible I was paying before. A price of $380/month and a deductible of $9,000 is not affordable by any means.

  4. Funny how a Medicaid victory in a 'red state' (mostly Republican registered) is hailed when the Republican party is supposed to be against Medicaid? Maybe you legislators will listen to your constituents more?

  5. Can somebody explain to me why waiting three months to see a doctor is better than the three weeks we waited before Obamacare?

    (I've already accepted that the same day service and housecalls I can recall from my youth are merely fond memories.)

  6. Why do you love Medicaid so much? There are still HUGE issues with both ACA and the Medicaid expansion including rising premiums, increasing deductibles, and the price of the Medicaid expansion, yet to seem to be celebrating the fact that for the next two years you think there could be no new health care reform bill – do you honestly think ACA is the best we can do as a nation? What is the obsession with refusing to allow any reform of ACA or replacing it with something better? There have been proposals circulating to replace ACA with Universal Catastrophic Coverage that would cover all Americans which ACA does not, would still be cheaper than ACA/Medicaid/SChip, and would cost Americans nothing out of pocket yet such a proposal seems outrageous to you because t would involve a repeal/replace of ACA even if it was for something better.

    Please explain why reforms to ACA are not allowed

  7. the landscape of health care in our country often feels bleak and incomprehensible. for me, your videos bring some clarity and hope. thank you for the work y'all are doing, it's much appreciated!

  8. Finally, some good news! 😀 It's encouraging that more people are actually fighting for the health & well-being of all. We will not stop until we vote corruption & money out of politics

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