Drug Stores Training Doctors in Cannabis, No One Wants to Trim and More!

Another live show is upon us and there’s lots to discuss. All information and sources are linked below. #Cannabis #Pigeons420 #Wednesdaynightliveshow Let’s …


  1. Climbing to 40k subs really fast there!! Just binge watched the recent streams. I just wanted to ask are you ever going to try autoflowers again?? Mephisto has some fire autos

  2. Hey Pigeon420! I am from France and I smoke Moroccan hash and my Mendocino purple kush!!! I heard that Canadians are only allowed to buy cannabis in their own province!?!?! As a French I started to watch what happened in Quebec..😕😓WTF!?!?! They can't grow the 4 plants there's shortage since day 1 the weight is lower than indicate for a lot of brands quality is very low lots of strains do not taste like they should they use tons of plastic for 3.5g of weed and when you watch closely the ash and hear weedtubers comments about taste uniformity you know they don't flushed correctly and they use too much N!
    In a way it is nice for the rest of the world cause it shows that you need experience to be serious and to follow a schedule to produce top shelf cannabis…anybody can grow weed no problems but growing a weed who is going to be strong tasty smelly sticky and nice to watch with the perfect amount of moisture every crops is something only a few companies can do! I hope that country who will be next will understand that and will let private producer produce cannabis…and when there is no concurrency there is no improvement so🤔!
    The thing I don't understand is why they are so bad??? These companies works since 3 years so plenty of time to make pheno hunting and find the best Mom to make clones!?! Plenty of time to adjust their nutes schedule!?!! They work for the government so they should be very controlled and every batch should be tested in priority for pesticides heavy metals and NPK residues before THC and CBD levels!
    Quebec sound like a dictatorship!
    Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France

  3. I want to buy cannabis,not a fancy package,just put it in a resealable bag and lower the price.Stupidity rules the cannabis market,Oh well,doesn't matter,I will grow my own instead and not worry about buying it.

  4. Jus wanted to say im takn a hoot rite nw as i watch lol. Im doin a mix of some c4 and pineapple express both are auto flowers from fast bud seeds and then road goat all 3 great taste and bag appeal. So a win win in my book lol. So how is tht choco thia u got brotha also where did u getthe seeds was it from gyo? Or better yet who is the breeder if u dnt mind me askn?

  5. Great growing Pigeon always look forward to your videos! Quick question Im in coco for the first time & not sure if I feed daily like I did in Hydro.I've watched so many videos & everyone is different PLEASE help
    Thanks bro

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