Difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil -PHARMACIST EXPLAINS

In this video i clear the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil. Both hemp oil and cbd oil come from the cannabis plant. (Example of a …


  1. Ok I have tried cbd oil it helped for a little while so I order some hemp oil higher dosage 250 mg it definitely helped me better than cbd oil…ok how does it show up in a urine specimen? Also, I was told by a emt that its not legal in Alabama so is it or not legal here?

  2. Wow you are seriously uneducated on this subject!!! Both plants produce CBD. Yes hemp produces less CBD. So it takes more plant material with hemp to extract the same amount of CBD, but it's still CBD and has the same effects. So why use hemp? Hemp will produce less then .3% THC and in most states it's legal as long as it has .3% or less THC.. What your looking for is not just the CBD but a whole plant extract that has all cannabinoids present CBD, CBG, CBA, THC etc..
    Might wanna take this vid down and remake it with correct information.. Contact me if you need any help..

  3. But isn’t the THC a carrier to allow the CBD to interact with the brain and allow the effect to take place. They are selling the same thing as the pharmaceutical companies have done so far. A portion of the cure but not the whole thing. I will agree that smoking in it, is not the best thing for its healing factor but just taking CBD is like just eating coconut oil and omitting the pulp, nature put them together for a reason.

  4. Can u do a video on what brands are best or reputable and most important how much should u take my son bought me gummy worms for my cramps which are so bad i am bed ridden for 3 days they were 500mg the next month he brought some that were 250mg. My eldest son sent me some florida that were 1500mg. I dont know what is safe or the recommended amount cause there are no instructions. Thank u look forward to your next video

  5. As a medicine you Need both CBD and Thc among other cannabinoids because of the entourage effect.
    This means whole plant medicine works synergistically.
    It seems this person is trying in vain to steer medicinal cannabis users away from the wrongly demonized THC cannabinoid, which has many medicinal properties.
    People are saying, this is Because he gets a kickback by pushing an FDA approved, prohibitively expensive CBD drug like Epidiolex.
    Which as you listen to him you realize this is certainly possible.

    Now As a patient I wonder if this "pharmacist" has studied the endocannabinoid system because most doctors have not an his ignorance seems to indicate his education is lacking in this area.
    Be certain the information you hear is correct.

  6. Cbdverified is the best out there but it's expensive. The next best one is Lazarus naturals. It's not quite as good but it's affordable. I have tried many brands an these are two if the best in my opinin.

  7. You were still a little off with a couple of points, the main being this. A cannabinoid (canna-bin-oid) is one of many (approx 133) active compounds of the cannabis plant (mainly found in the bud, and IS what people smoke, and put in edibles to get high etc).
    Out of the 133, there are 2 that are far more prominent than the rest combined, these are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the active psychoactive compound, and CBD (cannabidiol (canna-bid-i-ol)) which has the relaxant, pain helping (etc) benefits.
    The hemp plant does not have the cannabinoid buds but does have TINY amounts of CBD (as stated), and the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is the extraction process. Hemp oil is similar to many of the nut and seed oils we see on the shelves (but actually nutritionally superior to most), where as CBD oil uses solvent extraction to remove the CBD rather than the good fats of hemp oil.

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