1. These are the same hypocrites who go watch shebada and affi big up the shotta batty man them. Worry bout u son who might become batty man. Dalton can sing and him living him dreams and if him want to be a batty man, that's his fucking business.

  2. Some Jamaicans are just too ignorant and dunce. They would rather support a murderer or a rapist instead of an individual who is representing Jamaica 🇯🇲 in a positive way. Same thing they did with Omar McLeod. I am against that kind of lifestyle 💯 but that’s their business.

  3. why it have to be abt badness, cant dancehall artiste freestyle anything else than badness?
    yo me just tired a the violence tracks now.. we want niceness in a the dancehall!! Thank you.

  4. Dats why me nuh have nothing fi do with the higher level in music and don't wanted to be no artiste just dah bwoy ya just make it look bad fi we wa who straight in JA batty bwoy yuh fi dead you an them wight freaks, pussy nuh man nor money nor gyal can't change me, man a real gangster in a real bomboclaat life and in Jamaica to batty bwoy go suck yuh mother in a real life and da battywight bwoy suck unnuh people dem a gunshot

  5. Dalton, I don't know if you fully understand that in this business, image is everything. It is everything. I don't know if Mr. Jermaine told you that but he should have. The wrong image can break an artist even before he begins his journey. I am at a loss as to why, at this point in the competition these images have surfaced. I am even at a greater loss as to why you allowed this boy to be up in your face and all touchy-feely on your body. You entered this competition to win. It's not a popularity contest, you entered to win. You need to get this boy out of your face and be done with all this touchy-feely foolishness. Stop it!!! You need to let him know that he needs to desist from doing it. Despite what you may think or whatever spin you want to put on it, the reality is, it does not look good.

  6. Jamaica Jamaica,yall a run around and trying to style people bothering with bounty killer,and his pocket full,bother with your own life that his life to live,what benefits do you get out of this bullshit,that's his life once them don't bother me them ga do wa dem ga do.

  7. history, Jamaican’s hate homosexuality because back on the plantation the white salve master’s would anally penetrate the toughest male (buck busting) as form of braking him and control on the other males…many judge us and some of our own are quick to sell our culture for others but our culture is like this because history played its part

  8. So you left your good Country gone sitdung ina man lap, and you know if you did deh Jamaica YUH WOULDN'T EVEN DARE!! But I guess when people nuh use to places and things dem do anything to make it in life, even if it includes put dem batty pon table or sit down in a next man lap.

  9. Kmt and Smfh.. As a Jamaican and a straight one at that I can truly say a damn foolishness unuh a carryout. All a unuh weh a bash Dalton or a get ready fi dweet need to take several seats and sit unuh ass dung. What a fucking society we live in where a guy is being dragged through the mud for taking a silly pic where he is hugging his male friend and kotching on his male friend's leg. Look at unuh a come gwaan all self righteous, go si how unuh wicked inna real life. Hear the muderers, liars, theif, hypocrites among others a come ready fi crucify. All mi haffi seh is that all sin a d same sin. Some a unuh must wicked like. Was he caught in a compromising position??The answer is no!!! Just a show up unuh dutty self!!!!

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