CBD Oil for Anxiety – UNEXPECTED Effects and Benefits

This is the very first time I’ve ever smoked CBD oil. I went off my medication to provoke some anxiety to have a bit of a better test to see how CBD oil works.


  1. I never thought I had something. I mean everyone always self diagnoses themselves with depression and anxiety and other bullshit these days so I doubted it but I got tested for some shit that went down in my life and it turns out I have anxiety. I used CBD oil and I’m not really sure what it does to me, but I recently went on an SSRI and I think it fucked me up…

  2. I struggle with depression and my wife struggles with anxiety and insomnia. She recently got us some CBD oil and I'm hoping that we can soon experience its benefits. I've heard that sublingual CBD oil can take time to build up in one's system before any effects are noticed, so I've wondered if vaping can offer more immediate relief.

  3. how does this stuff help you if the smoke itself is puffed out & not ingested? how do the cbd chemical compounds reach the brain or wherever it needs to go?

    I’m a non-smoker so this really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

  4. I’ve always done my best to use “self help” methods, more passive ways to reduce my anxiety and depression. It’s getting to the point where I am searching for alternative methods to help. I don’t want to go on medication. This might be an option for me but I’m not sure how you would go about getting it in Australia

  5. For those watching who may not know, THC is what makes you high not CBD. Cbd is something different entirely[does not give you a high], they are just found in the same plant. Cbd oil has many medical benefits. It is 100% legal in all states. Do your research, its worth a shot. =]

  6. I had ordered some cbd gummies, & i waited till i was rly feeling my anxiety to try it. So sure enough after a very stressful job interview, i took one. & while it didnt make me happy go lucky it def helped wind me down & give me a sense of calm. Hell i`ll i can get behind that… i plan to trial it again when my anxiety starts to peak.

  7. omg yessssss I have been waiting for this video ever since the day you mentioned it LOL – I even went to my family doctor to ask for a referral, he said NO at first but i guess i got some skills because I'm going to be assessed. So primarily I want this for my headaches because ever since my car accident (douchebag rear ended me on my freaking birthday yay 🙂 I've been getting constant headaches, my anxieties and depression have escalated, and my sleep has been affected as well. So I tried weed! It helps! It's awesome! I honestly didnt know about CBD not getting you high but having the therapeutic effects until literally this week. So thank you for your review as this has just confirmed what I wished to have — because getting stoned every single day is not very productive LOL

  8. Major holidays are a trigger for me and today is Thanksgiving in the US. I curled up on the sofa most of the afternoon.. I used CBD drops under the tongue and was finally able to get up and go outside into the sunlight. Anxiety has calmed quite a bit but major depression always follows an anxiety attack. I’ll be buying a CBD cartridge for my PAX vape tomorrow. Unfortunately, Pheno Pen isn’t available in the US. Keep up the great work and let us know how you feel after a few more hits.

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