CBD HEMP FROM cbdhemp.direct

Check out their website at cbdhemp.direct These guys are not playing around. Bringing you quality product that’s competitive with today’s market. 2 business …


  1. Link for website in description box. Sorry I've been MIA. been real lmk y busy and didn't think I'd get any feedback or views so I rarely checked but if you all have questions I'll be dropping a answers video next two days. I recently acquired my ohio marijuana card a month and half ago so things have changed. I'll still answer any and all questions I have knowledge of next video.

  2. I have been looking into CBD for quite a while now. You sound like a real nigga so I'm sure that CBD bud right there has to be the real thing and good as well. I been wanting to try it to see if it'll help me stop thc bud , Sounds weird lmao but kinda want to convert until it's legal in GA and also just in case I get drug tested for a job. I'm really hoping my family who takes medications could get better use as well.

  3. so i ordered some they said it was shipped. but it still says shipping label created usps waiting item. they said they just havnt scanned it. but im pretty sure they have to scan it to pick it up. any body know whats going on?

  4. Have you had to take a drug test yet while using the flower? I recommend tweedle farms, their customer service is amazing and product is quality. I’m scared to use too much though bc I get tested once a month.

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