Cannabis News – Marijuana, Medicine and Money | Ep. 269 | 11-15-2018

Joe Klare discusses a pharmaceutical company moving exclusively into the cannabis space, Epidiolex hitting pharmacy shelves and the new Governor of …


  1. You seem to be fairly uncritically supporting the corporatization of cannabis. In Canada we know that like Epidiolex here, the markets are being monopolized and taken over for corporations like Molson for infused beverages, the same people who keep supporting this corrupt political system. How can you be so uncritical? You are already starting to see this "standardized extract" nonsense, when that is NOT even needed for people to get good results for medical issues with cannabis. Stop giving corporations more power just because you want pot legal. You've got to look at all of the consequences of doing it this way, which I will add, sucks compared to the Amsterdam coffeehouse model, which automatically restricts pot from kids, not like the candy sold in "retail" shops here where the prices are also ridiculously high. Pretty bad already. The corporatization of cannabis also most importantly discourages people to learn to grow and use cannabis themselves, which is where the real populist power of cannabis lies. Corporatization means that won't happen. I agree with the commenter below. Pot is for the people, not the corporations. I'd like to hear you comment on this critique in your next show.

  2. Yeah I look at all of these pharmaceutical Industries in a very bad like they've killed a lot of people with their synthetic garbage I hope Trump and the Patriots reschedule cannabis I hope it has nothing to do with the FDA the FDA has no right to talk about cannabis or have any restrictions on there the reason being the FDA has killed a lot more people than cannabis ever could which cannabis can't kill people the ld50 is astronomical I hope and pray it comes to it where we can all grow our medicine in our backyards and give a big middle finger to all these corporations trying to prophet off our misery so we can have our medicine and have homeostasis and be a human being when it comes down to people growing their own medicine that's when you'll see a huge change in this world you won't have these Pharmaceutical drug dealers passing out opioids and killing people left and right everybody will take care of their own that's a day I hope and pray for PS FUCK the FDA and Richard Nixon and all these other globalist douchebags in the UN creating the scheduling agenda

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