A MUSH NO MORE & $50 VIDEO POKER (Gambling Vlog #31)

A mush no more. In this episode Joey lifts the curse of the mush temporarily. $50 per hand video poker and all purpose degenerate gambling in this Gambling …


  1. The best gambling Vlogs out they're hilarious…horses run because they're bred to run thoroughbreds are bred to run a mile a mile and a quarter and quarter horses are bred to run a quarter-mile they come out of the Starting Gate with a loud Bell and they'll run as fast as a jockey allows them to of course they need to conserve energy to the finish line that's if the jockey didn't stiff you LOL

  2. Yo Ryan are they adding on to the casino there at aqueduct or are they building a whole new one. That's out on long island right its out firther then Roosevelt. is Roosevelt still open. anyhow good to see ya back with the mush, don't quite your day job and take up dancing.

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