Where are all the aliens? | Stephen Webb

The universe is incredibly old, astoundingly vast and populated by trillions of planets — so where are all the aliens? Astronomer Stephen Webb has an …


  1. If truly we are alone then what a resposibility we have to survive.

    I think it more likely that any space faring species, that has existed for even a million years longer than us, (the blink of an eye, cosmicly speaking) would be so far in advance of us that we simply wouldn't know if they were here or not and nor would they want to make themselves known, if they were around.

  2. Aliens in America are mostly Latinos I guess but here and here in Europe we call em muslims..
    What are they? mostly free loaders gang rapists and terrorists. Its no secret

  3. This video assumes that governments tell their citizens everything. It also assumes that the 5 corporations that own 99% of all media sources would show actual evidence…which would be hard for them to do since their job is to spread misinformation not factual information. If you actually believe no one on this planet has ever seen an actual extraterrestrial entity then you must have a massive ego.

  4. One of the worst Ted Talks ever. This guy is a quack. There is no science behind his 1000 to 1 ratio that he arbitrarily uses. His hurdle examples are also arbitrary as well. There is no science to this talk. This is a shame to be associated with the Ted Talk brand.

  5. Human's mainily religious humans have in issue trying to get their head around that we were not "GOD" made. Stichen's idea of a spieces known today as the Annunki for reason's of their own, messed around with the DNA of the availble homonids of the day and the results were a primitive us. That's a really really big pill to swallow, It's far far easier to believe as out uneducated ancestor's believe and say a "GOD" did it. WHEN not IF, the truths would ever come out, it will throw any and all of religious right off their rocker's. I mean it was only yesterday in comparison to time that we've been supoosed civilized; When women were accepted as something other than what they were for THOUSANDS of years; Property.

  6. Life started pretty soon after the earth was formed but it took four billion years before intelligent life emerged. It's postulated that life should start everywhere but does that argument also hold for intelligent life capable of escaping a planets gravity.

  7. One point about radio broadcasts that is commonly overlooked even by some scientists who are not specialists in a certain field: broadcast attenuation. The farther a radio broadcast travels the more it spreads out. This makes it more vulnerable to corruption. Eventually it might be indistinguishable from background noise – cosmic microwave radiation, etc.

    The upshot is that the romantic image of TV and radio broadcasts traveling through the universe may simply not be possible. On the flipside it may also mean that we could fail to detect signs of "primitive" communication (radio, undirected broadcasts) from other civilizations because their own signals have decayed long before they reach our point of reference.

    As for this talk specifically, unfortunately it comes across as Mr Webb contriving a back-of-the-envelope formula to prove we are alone because it is, itself, romantic. It makes humanity special, and so forth. Yet this is something that scientific exploration of nature has gone against again and again – every time we believe something is special and unique to us, the universe shows us that we are not the center of it. Personally, I'd place odds on the universe winning.

  8. the reason we dont see them is the same reason they are most certainly out there. the universe in incomprehensibly large and has an uncountable number of stars.
    also if life evolved some where and then achieved the ability to travel long distances through space, earth is probably not the most interesting road trip destination

  9. what are the chances that earth has all these good fortune to get one would be the odds trillions to one but to get 20 universal constants that are just right is clearly that earth was created for life let alone the near precise mathematical proportions that govern the subatomic properties

  10. listen2meokidoki1 second ago20181121: The reason Aliens have not visited The Earth is because they can not obtain Insurance. And this is apart from the obvious fact that no Alien evolves to be able to travel in an enclosed space/volume for effectively several generations, and not go insane.

  11. 20181121: The reason Aliens have not visited The Earth is because they can not obtain Insurance. And this is apart from the obvious fact that no Alien evolves to be able to travel in an enclosed space/volume for effectively several generations, and not go insane.

  12. Two possibilities: The universe is as large as they say and we're not alone, or its much much much smaller than they say and we are still not alone.

    Maybe the reason why humanity is deteriorating is because we've lost sight of WHY we are here.

  13. Its a possibility we are alone. But why do we need to be so confident about one way or the other?
    It is impossible to predict the appearance, behavior and psychology (if there is any) of an entity with a million (or may be billion?) years of civilization. So do not go crazy if you do not see one of them; and then under the influence of severe depression make a desperate conclusion that nothing is there. Remember, in the cosmic scale we are not much smarter than a wise caveman.

  14. The universe is infinite. Statistically it means that there is infinite life forms and infinite copies of me. To think that we are the only ones is as absurd as religion and the easter bunny. This guy is selling BS to those who still believe in a god.

  15. it seems like this guy believes in the magical jesus, because we are the only life and it took very specific controlled by higher power circumstances to allow us to exist and be the only life.

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