1. Yesterday i drank for the first time in months. 2 beers and i got that blissful feeling, but even during it i was kind of "done" with it. i felt sick an drained later and it just wasn't worth it. i like pure sources of happiness. the only reason i got into alcoholism was peer pressure in high school, tbh. i never would have ever thought to touch it if i didn't have bad influences as friends it just would never cross my mind. i started at 15 and i was pretty much an alcoholic up until recently i am 20. so bad for the developing brain and body. I've only been black out once. I thought I died.

    The problem is we are not taught internal peace! CG Kid is right!

  2. I agree with being happy with what you have. Im always searching for something new if im not eating to much im smoking to much or drinking to much. i dont know how to do anything in moderation

  3. Its kind of hard to understand these abbreviations like DWI as an German and i dont want to google every thing. So maybe explain something like this more. Keep up the good work

  4. Hey Cg, I’ve got a buddy who is severely addicted to pills. I wanted to ask for some advice to try and help him get off of them because he’s my best friend and don’t think I could lose him

  5. I hate how everyone has to bring religion into everything. “Oh I got sober because of god.” Dude you’re mind is the most powerful thing. At the end of the day there is 0% evidence that “god” or “heaven” is real. Is it that hard to accept that when we die that’s that we’re dead. I feel like people believe in this fairytale because they’re scared of death. I know Christian’s who have done the worst shit I’ve ever heard.

    I’m not claiming I know what happens after death but at the same time it’s like grow the fuck up?

  6. That is so interesting. My boyfriend blacks out after a couple of shots. I will throw up and go to sleep before I can ever get to a blackout. He can also continuously drink all night long without getting sick. I can only drink to a certain limit.
    Never knew how to explain that he has a genetic predisposition. Makes sense that it’s the way your body processes alcohol. Interesting.

  7. I would really like to get some opinions. I have never even tasted alcohol (Im 18 which is the legal age where I live) and I'm super scared about the whole thing. Both my parents are alcoholics, other has died from it already. Do you think that someone with parents like that has higher possibility of becoming an alcoholic instantly after the first drink? I mean, the general "knowledge" is that there might be some connection.

  8. CG, your stylist spent so much time on your luscious hair, they forgot to fix your shirt collar. Come on! 🙂 On a serious note, I really appreciate these videos. If you ever question whether they're helping others, rest assured, they are.

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