‘We were duped,’ Dr. Oz says over the current opioid crisis

More than 90 Americans die daily overdosing on opioids, according to the NIH. Dr. Mehmet Oz, famed heart surgeon and TV Host, says the medical community …


  1. Now all the sudden marijuana is the big cure when millions of people are now felons from selling it. Legalize all plant's and make people grow there own medication, then we will respect how we use any of this. If people wanna Overdose then that's there accident or decisions.

  2. I'd like to see this quack get a severe degenerative spinal and bone disease and lay and scream non stop from pain. See if he has a different opinion on how to treat pain. He does not know what real PAIN feels like. The type of pain that you'd rather kill yourself than endure. I'd bet he'd have a bottle of oxycodone in his hands within a few hours. People who do not experience the worst end of the pain scale are just hypocrites. You will do ANYTHING to stop the agony of REAL severe pain.

  3. What a joke and a flat out lie. I have been on Percocet since 2002 and its t he only thing that is effective managing my pain. I dont smoke and i never will so how would marijuana work. I have found doctprs dont really care about patients but only how to scheme to get more money. Dr. Oz is no different before he makes yjese kimd of statements he should survey real patients that have experienced long term pain management

  4. Oz recommends marijuana, which renders most people who use it both passive and only partially functional (impaired), despite the propaganda about how much in taxes dope growers pay (hint: don’t follow the distraction). Opiates appear to do neither, so far as anyone has studied. Opiates are a gateway to shame feeding behaviors and words. Marijuana has a slightly different shame feeder inducing profile. Medicine and psychiatry have no concept of shame feeding. It is a question of magnitude. Shameless is 0. Shamed is -1. Shame feeder is -1. With the medical community so ignorant of even this, after all of these years of cranking out doctors from doctor mills, one wonders not about why this debate is so restricted and witless.

  5. The only people who will suffer from this new war on opioids is pain patients who need their medication to live normal or semi normal lives.  If this is taken away….suicides will go up.  
    Doctors prescribing pain meds is not the problem…we have safeguards in place…it's the illegal drugs coming across our borders.  Heroin is dirt cheap on the streets.

  6. I'm a chronic pain sufferer and I will testify that opiates ARE EFFECTIVE AGAINST CHRONIC PAIN.   Instead of getting your information from fake studies….try talking directly to chronic pain suffers.

  7. 30,000 will die in america this year from legal pain killiers what about the rest of the world that agrees with the pharmacutical industry in america! Marawhana isnt deadly and it isnt respected by the pharmacutical industry because it can be grown in a garden!

  8. oz is a jeeew piece of shit! he knew and made profits off destroying the goys . opium production went up over 100% when we invaded Afghan. big jeeew pharm and all the jeeew docs knew what would happen. then all the jeeew owned clinics start popping up EVERYWHERE! !!!! WAKE UP FOLK!!!!!!

  9. While some individuals,as myself who have had 2 major neck surgeries from C-2 down to C-7 and have severe nerve damage in my left arm find that the opioids I take for chronic pain are VERY effective and help me live my daily life with a pain level around 5 that is tolerable,but when overly active it increases to the highest level of pain possible which is a 10. Opioid addiction happens regardless though but to have the choice of medical marijuana is a definite plus,as it helps me sleep at night better than I normally would after my surgeries from my first to my second surgery. Medical marijuana is a great option for those suffering from chronic pain and I know for a fact that it helps with our veterans instead of their doctors who like to load them up with every pill known to mankind which leads to even more depression and sometimes even accidental overdoses too. Medical marijuana is a definite must for those suffering from chronic pain and it's been proven time and time again. I hope that each and every state legalizes medical marijuana very soon because I for one would feel more comfortable when it's LEGAL instead of worrying about the fuzz busting an individual who only uses it for the purpose of dealing with chronic pain instead of just recreational purposes. Nothing wrong with recreational purposes either,but to legalize medical marijuana is the way to go for the United States and those suffering from chronic pain.

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