Vegan Gains Gets Schooled by Keto Meat-Based YouTuber on LDL Cholesterol and Heart Disease

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  1. You should read up on dr Lonsdale on hormones matter. He talks about how mitochondrial damage from high amounts of sugar with no vitamins like thiamin, magnesium, and other things can cause heart issues. It might be an issue of mitochondria. And how eating high amounts of meat including organs solves the biochemical energy equation.

  2. If she would bark she wouldn't be meat,

    But well, she doesn't and her we shall eat.

    If he wasn't so fat and as sweet as my cat

    He's life would go on, but what can you do?

    He's not the same, so now he is food.

    And they're not as fast as they used to be.

    Their life should continue, but what can you do?

    They're not as they were, so now they are glue.

    We don't want to be a boot on anyone's foot.

    We want to be free and enjoy our own life,

    We don't want to end it under your knife.

    I'm in the mood to have some more food,

    Therefore I kill and often feel ill.

    Why eat what grows, when one can murder?

    Why even bother to think and to wonder?

    If they feel pain – are torture, slavery and murder insane?

    Those extreme vegans say murder is wrong,

    But isn't is strange when food has no bones?

    When I was cute, yellow and fluffy, you used to love me.

    But now all I am is scruffy and puffy.

    No longer cute as dogs or even as frogs.

    So now we're all dead, we are now gone.

    Don't want to be belts, shoes, gloves or jackets

    Don't want to fill pillows, nor test your cosmetics.

    I'm in the mood to have some more food,

    Therefore I kill and often feel ill.

    Why eat a plant when one can murder?

    Why not cause pain and make others suffer?

  3. Those that are so opposed to veganism always reveal themselves to be the most unintelligent. Case in point.

    You can try to disprove health experts that say a well-planned plant based diet is healthy and sustainable for everyone. Go ahead. But there is no argument that invalidates the ethical principles of veganism. Just lame ass excuses from weak-minded, egotistical idiots.

  4. LDL is what permeates the epithelial layer and is made into foam cells, which are what form the earliest signs of atherosclerotic plaque called fatty streaks. Sure low HDL and high trigs MAY be larger contributors to atherosclerosis but I refuse to believe that high LDL is not a significant risk factor for ischemic heart disease or heart attacks

  5. Fuck all wrong with eating plant based. I fast. I feast. I just dont eat animal products, simples. Feel literally the same as when i ate meat. Blood panel looks better though, and i get less doms from exercise

  6. Vegan Gains just absolutely annihilated you. Well done for committing internet-intellectual suicide. Whatever credibility you had has gone. Goodbye, cholesterol denier.

  7. Vegan is actually good for the environment. And some other factors are like better digestion and less straining to your stomach. (Im a vegetarian myself due to this)
    But yeah. Some vegans are way off with their facts. Im doing keto too, and I eat eggs. Vegan keto is super hard to achieve. Not hating on vegans. Just that some people are being vegan for the wrong reasons, and thats really sad.

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