The Most Important Key to a Successful Harvest – Cannabis Grow Guide Week 10

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  1. Hey guys! Sorry this video was a little late tonight. It turned out being a pretty long episode so it took alot longer to edit. Hope you guys enjoy! Also wanted to give a huge S/O to you guys. The channel just broke 30K! You guys are the best!


  2. Liking the educational videos Dude, specially since I started auto's and will be starting photo's soon so keep up the great work. greatly appreciate your work so I joined your patreon to show the love . Peace w/ Love

  3. Hey buddy grow looking tight, your bud rot also is from them plastic catchers on the bottom of the pots. Get rid of them put the pot off ground where air can get under the pot and dry it off quicker while lights on it has nothing to do with your setup and air how u have it lots of ppl running there rooms just like you its them pots like i was telling you. you need air circulation under the pots iv been growing for yrs seeing u going threw the same troubles bring back soon as lights go out your plants drain into there pots its naturals thats why the leafs droop before lights off so that whole time when lights off the bottom of your pots are trying to breath and cant what happens when moister is stagnant it molds very quickly within hrs in which your fan picks it up and tah daaaa u get mold spores throw into your buds and starts roting out your colas.. get rid of them plastic catcher just use them when your watering once they stop dripping in 10 minutes take them out the tent and let the bottom of your pots get air movement.. you hanging heater up high is going to cause differ air temp pockets in your room id also would defoliate more of the jacks but i bet you have more bud rot then u think you gonna find a whole bunch once u harvest uhhh gonna suck but i wish you the best man

  4. Hot/cold always try to find a way to each other to neutralize i do weaterization for a living sealing things up good and insulation make it easy to control environment

  5. My man. that was one of your best videos. I have watched them all and this one was especially well put together. The pics, the audio, the transitions, and most importantly of all the information.
    It was awesome enough for me to start supporting you on patreon, UHURU. Proud of Your Boy.

  6. Very nice You can Grow Son! Well I have two White Widows in 10 gal. smart pots Coco Coir 70%-30 % PERLITE MIX 3 layers 1'' of worm castings amended and 3 layers of Mykos also amended. Also some Cal-Mag 5 mils per gal. Pots were well waterd with PH ballanced 1/4 strength Advanced Nutrients 3 part. Led's are ChiLed Growmau logic pucks 4x for two plants.Day ten 4 sets of leaves um with a new set half formed. First grow in ten years so do you think with the right watering and 50 days left maybe? the root mass can grow enough to make this work? Ive been told 3-5 gallon pots are better. Thank's Didn't mean to get so windy. also run to waste.

  7. I absolutely love your videos!!! I only hope I can get the type of results that you do! That being said….I have a feeling you have a lot more $$$ invested than I am willing to put in..but hopefully i can get some good results on a budget tent set up

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