The Benefits of Using Topical CBD for Pain Relief | Roll On For Pain Relief, Muscle Ache & Headaches

Learn how to relieve pain, migraines, headaches, joint pain, back pain and other body pain by using a natural CBD roll on for topical pain relief. Learn about a …


  1. Doctor do you have any experience Amplified Muscular Pain Syndrome AMPS? My daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago and we have run out of potions to help her. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Morning Thank you for sharing! I’m wondering if you have ever advised someone with Trigeminal Neuralgia? My son was just diagnosed. He is hoping for a more natural pain relief. He does not want medication at this time. Mostly pain on face upwards. Maybe he could rub on face ? Blessings from Iowa

  3. I suffer from itching head and used a lot of shampoo and also gave me Dr. Karim Cartazon and still itching from March 2018 to now Do you have any treatment or mild to itch514 985-2668

  4. What is the difference between CBD oil and HEMP?
    Im not talking this oil that you speak about today but I am interested in that also.
    But I have been giving my little 2 1/2 pound yorkie HEMP Honey not only for his pain but also all of his neurological problems.
    He has a cyst in the brain, fluid on the brain, fluid on the spinal cord, his C -1 and C – 2 didn't develop correctly so basically his ligaments and tendons are what mainly is holding his head up.
    And with years of steroid use he has ligament problems in his legs. And he also has salivary gland problems which the vet were supposed to remove all his glands but they only removed them on the left side , they told me once that would heal his tounge would go back into his mouth which started to come out when he was about 2 yrs old and just got longer and longer and longer. And it never went in.

    He has been on this Colorado Hemp Honey now for aprox a month and the difference is night and day. He is rotten, playing a lot more. His walking is a lot better but still is wobbly but I think a that has a lot to do with the swelling of his feet pads going down.
    But it has been a miracle with the differences that not only that I have seen but everyone that knows and loves my little Merley Moo. They even go to their Dr's and let them know how much it has improved his life that they want to try it.
    I my self want to try it for pain..I have hurninated discs from my L- 4 to my S- 1, I have major digestive problems and I hurt all over and the meds I take for my back pain don't even touch the all over achy pain but I'm not aloud to try it because my DR told me It could show up in a drug test and get get me kicked off my meds.
    Don't know how true that is but I do wish I could try jt.

    As for my little yorkie Merley Moo, the proof that it works is him.
    He's not going to pretend that he's feeling better or if he does feel better then pretend that he's the same that he was before taking it.
    All I know is that it works. I've seen it with my own 2 eyes and many other people have also and are amazed. God put it here and meant for it to be used to help with pain and suffering of many different diseases.
    I hope you get back to me about the difference in the two and how they work differently on the body.
    Thank you.😊 and God bless.💕

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