SELF-HEATING Instant Chinese Spicy HOT POT – add water & watch it heat itself like an MRE

This instant hot pot kit contains 7 different packets including lotus root, noodles, tofu, wood-ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean curd skin, and konjac to make …


  1. Hey Emmy. I just wanted to let you know the joy your videos bring me. I'm chronically ill and spend more of the year in the hospital than out of it. And while I watch a broad range of videos to keep myself from going nuts locked in a 10×5 room for months on end I don't think any of it can really compare to your content. You bring such a warm and inviting feeling to your videos that few other Youtubers have and it's something of a morale booster when you start feeling like everything is shit in life. So, thanks is what I'm saying I guess.

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