1. I made the move to rockwool bout three runs back with the floraflex caps automated watering system. I’m digging the results for sure. Only few things have me on the fence about maybe going back to coco in 3/4 gallon pots with floraflex caps multi feeds daily. One issue is measuring dry back acutely without the grow sense gear(cost prohibitive) and the second issue would be disposing if the rockwool and to some extent the cost of the six inch cubes verses even high end coco are fairly substantial. Even with those concerns I’m loving how clean and easy the rockwool is,plus the end products have been some of my best to date.
    One thing I’ve learned for sure is the cubes like it on the dry side (oxygen bath for the roots) and the hold water way longer than coco or clay pebbles.
    Great video thanks for making meaningful content. 👍✌️

  2. OOOh So excited for this one!!
    Loving your setup especially the lines.
    This will either prove or disprove something for me I guess and that is bud size vs rootball size.
    My last buds got so big for many reasons i'm sure but taking the time to build a big root mass was one, I even vegged longer giving them haircuts until the stems I were cutting were almost 10mm thick lol!! Now the shoots are thick, buds are big and I see the benefit for sure…however in coco i'm watering only once a day in bigger pots. (3 true gals is bigger for me than anything else i've used in here..
    Because the spoon feed hydro method was designed to take up less root space in situations where it's not available, I have to see a fair go in which coco is not treated like Promix and is treated more like rockwool or hydroton…
    Example, switch to organics completely and the first thing we see is we need to go bigger with the pots. In my grow journals in the forum at 420 mag I am close with many organic guys and they've been trying to convince me to join the empire…Personally I can't help but look at it like this: Do what YOU like and it will be fire.
    When a person in organics says they feed, what is the number 1 correction they give people?
    Feed the SOIL and let it do the work.

    Here's my problem. we've spent a ton to get the environment on point, why try to create ANOTHER ecosystem, making sure that it's conducive bacteria and don't overgrow the non conducive bacteria, that we give the right sugars, have worms for aeration and basically we add water and hope that our concoction of mixed dirt has enough of the right microlife for their WASTE to become food for my plant…

    We know what plants use, how to make those ions so let's feed the plant not the soil…just seems a bit redundant and sloppy IMO and hardly repeatable.

    I'm sure i've offended many, and I don't mean to it just my opinion. Please do not be offended before my opinions is my belief that we have multiple ways for multiple people. If you want to put in the work and research into creating soils rich with the microlife needed for genotypic expression I would not fault you. It's just not my cup of tea.

    Probably better for environment, I won't argue and outside I will be running organics. Indoors will likely always be a hydroponic, hybrid system of synthetics and a couple selective bacteria that act as a PGR and regulate Phosphorus use and plant metabolism. In this case the microbes are highly specialized.

    So… As a continuation of an earlier discussion on hydroponics and roots, we discussed a smaller root ball when flooding 3 times a day in coco and I think the whole point is that it wasn't required that we have a big rock hard, full pot root ball because the water is constantly (or near so) moving across the roots and drawing fresh oxygen down etc.
    My last go was a joke harvest wise but I made a lot of mistakes. This one looks great, video up later today. Much Growers love and I predict with the drip lines and rockwool you get bigger plants, bigger buds, smaller roots and that's ok;)

  3. Trasitioning is always a bitch huh? But i know you're going to killit though no sweat, i do question useing all those diff microbes as its said that thenmicrobes will compete and /or kill each other off till there is only one kind of microb left. Cheers bro and keep on keeping on.

  4. I like the long winded vids buddy haha, im glad your getting it all togather. I thought the jb had that problem because they wernt using a double insulated bulb, im pretty sure most de hps bulbs are but could be wrong. 😉

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