1. "U.N. Immigration Compact"

    ….this means Canada will no longer determine how many immigrants or which countries will be allowed to enter Canada.

    If we don't accept what the UN commands Canada will be subject to huge fines. Bring em on buddy.

    The U.N. is corrupt. We must get out now…today!!! I can only see this as a declaration of war against Canada as a sovereign nation…by the UN. The globalist are fast tracking Agenda 21.

    Trudeau and the liberal party goons and his global puppet masters must go. I see a bright future…if the Liberals all get new neck ties.

    BTW….Where is our protection from these treasonous governments?
    Are they all compromised?

    God help Canadians

  2. Well hes right on time because it is now thanksgiving and our military is at War with invaders shooting mass shooting everywhere on the Texas border live on youtuber Stoney stones video it was just sent to him and I seen it live, this is not a joke. something ery dangerous is happening real War inside our states

  3. False fear. False hope, Nothing has actually happened yet, has it? This whole Q thing is a brilliant manipulation of perception to this point. Reality equals truth. Where is the accountability? Who is the true party to address? It is one of those long infomercials promising the world and never delivers, but got you to buy it.
    I wanted it to be true, the criminals, the pedos, and nefarious elements getting their due. [ ]=0
    11/22 Q clock ran out today?

  4. Been ready for the battle with my high tech laptop and its malfunctioning mouse (Don't worry I got a back up mouse.) Thanks to Jordan Sather's advice on green tea. They help get rid of most of the arthritis pain as my fingers are doing the talking and red pilling. Nazis saw the future without evilness. They know the humans will eventually fight back. Now is the time. Evil has no place on earth. Thanks Mike. First domino of the N.W.O. fighting back. Humanity will thrive.

  5. Yes it's true it's dam true.our Military also will eventually take over our Government the Whitehouse because there will be no more Demonrats in the Whitehouse.America first thank u d.trump.trump will be able to finish building the wall with no demonrats opposing and obstructing him.

  6. Ps The greatest domestic threat is the "UN"; it's troops, countless vehicles & weapons that are stashed throughout the US to overthrow our government! THAT is our greatest threat! They are already here! Obama funded them INSTEAD of our military. Now do you seeeee..

  7. There are a little over 800k reserves and 1.2 million active in our military. So this guy was the only one recalled lol
    I was in the marines and still have good friends still in. I'd be concerned if marine rifle companies were being called up. Once again everyone calm the fuck down

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