1. Human beings were far far smarter, much bigger and lived much longer in ancient times. We are a continually regressing species. Cancers, diseases, deformities. Sin is destroying us. The ancients had technology that we haven't discovered yet. I believe many ancient structures were pre cataclysm. The waters weren't on the earth long enough to leave water evidence on the pyramids or any other structure. after the cataclysm, the pyramids were rediscovered and replicated.

  2. Is it possible that the pyramiids were made/used like the way the international space station uses electricity to separate hydrogen and oxygen from h20 to provide breathable air!? Is it possible this is partly how the earths atmosphere was created?

  3. It seems that a very clever and dangerous ghost is present inside this pyramid which is trying to destroy the whole world. However at begining it seems that this ghost is helping them by giving his high technology and high speed

  4. All pyramids around the Earth are aiming at the Moon this must be a force field or some some sort so let's generate enough energy to start up all the pyramids around the world to let the move do what they're supposed to do protect the Earth it's a force field of some sort with all the pyramids across the world starting up at one time

  5. In my opinion, this is clearly an alien technology according to the bedazzling Idea which I don't believe that human's would have attained around that time and I am also guessing that since no one really know the true purpose of the pyramid, there definitely should have been a good relationship with extraterrestrial civilization and human beings.Any ways there might be more to this who knows..!. The truth may come to us ONE DAY..!

  6. For some reason when I was a little girl and up until current day, I often wonder if the cap stone wasn't a stone, or gold even a diamond as some have believed but in fact the cap stone was made of solid copper. If polished copper looks like rose gold. I would love for someone who believes in the theory, that the pyramid is a giant alternator and able to produce electricity and have the knowledge of what if the cap stone was indeed made of copper, what it would do. If the story is correct with the man using a wine bottle wrapped with a wet news paper. Imagine what a copper cap stone would do up there.

  7. It's simple, the ancient Egyptians didn't build those pyramids. There was no tools found in Egypt that could have been use for such a feat. Humans are known for pilgrimages and finding new lands to settled. We see it even in our time. I believe there was a very advance civilisation that was long before the known Egyptian that build those structures. Something happened that wiped out most of earth civilisation. This advance civilisation was worldwide because these pyramids can be found in other parts of the world.

  8. A whole civilization existed before us and but was way more technology advance.
    Wonder if they were all dead by now or just left the Earth.
    Imagine those ancient kings were just walking around, saw these sick pyramids and decided it would be cool to be buried in there. :))

  9. Egypt is famous for minerals,they produce both Granite and Quartz,so the use of that type of material is not amazing what so ever and not a reason to determine electricity or conductivity. lol.

  10. Is this another video intended for jndoctrination meant to mislead the people? You say experts still doesn't know when these pyramids were built, I am not an expert but I know when they were built.

    Ordinary people like me would have learned of the truth only if people are truly responsible in educating the people having the intention of wanting to help humanity know the truth. The problem is, every media outfit is part of vaticans payroll. Every news every documentary every word that people say even in social media is controlled by vatican. Why? A thinking person would know why. Every thinking person would know that every pyramid were built by the ROMANS and the locals were made slaves just to built those pyramids. Why don't they want to spill the truth? Its simple, the ROMAN CATHOLIC IMPERIAL CULT the original name of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH needed to protect their very origin the same reason why people are so mismerized and fascinated with the Romans although they conquered and slaved the world.

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