1. Nothing but a bunch of haters here. Ashli what a small life you have that you have made it your mission to dish dirt on the Duchess. Are you jealous? It would seem you are, so sad to be you.

  2. Ashli have you seen the video footage of the the two Royal Jokes being escorted out of PC Garden Party in May? They were there 20 minutes and PC called a car and had them out of there leaving Camilla to say the awkward goodbyes. Totally awesome video and I am grateful for the person who took it.

  3. I hope Miss Ashli is okay right now. So many articles about where they are going to live and not wanting to live next door to William and Katherine- gossiping about how she is getting up at 5am every day bugging her aides – texting all day. People were commenting how mad looking Harry looks like now. A very pissed off look. Talking about how they are being wined and dined by all the Hollywood and British celebrity’s. All kinds of gossip but it’s all the same thing and on at least 5 different sites. Even the tv announcers are talking about all of this as well. Now talking about how after all the bad press on the amount of money she is spending on clothes – on the MAJOR birthday of her father in law she wears a 100$ dress from Marks and Spencer’s!!!! Then after dinner and the toasts to Prince Charles was finished she and Harry left. Didn’t even stay for the music or festivities. Something definitely going on.

  4. I love watching your videos, I actually look forward to an alert of a new video from your channel. It's your personality and voice that's so attractive. I hope to meet you someday, you are probably a lot of fun to be around.

  5. unfortunately shes not going anywhere ……shes pregnant…. wish but no such luck and also people i dont know why but they live her…. i think she was pregnant before the wedding and that is why she and harry had to get married. they have been living together for quite sometime before they tied the knot.. but i do think she was pregnant and the queen said they would have to get married.

  6. I don’t like you referring to our Royal family as Reptiles. However, I live in Windsor and my brother is part of Security at the Castle.
    Three Royal Aids have resigned because of Markle. Firstly, she thought herself too special to take advice on Royal Protocol and deliberately defied the advice given.
    Her attitude stinks. She now believes herself to be so important, she treats staff like scum.
    Harry has made it clear “whatever Meghan wants Meghan gets” and she is taking full advantage of this.

  7. Meg said she would be Queen. Well there is only two ways she can get there , Charles or William. Poor Harry!!! He is so besotted he can't see straight. Camilla and Kate better be on their toes. William seems to be aware of her plans but Charles can't take his eyes off her. Please!!! Also what's with the baby bump??? It's there and bigger then gone or so much smaller what gives??? Now she is worried something is wrong with baby because of the trip???? What's up with that?? Wish she would make up her mind and get on with it.

  8. Ashlii Blind Item on M saying ‘Melissa’ was given a payment and apology by Ms inlaws to stay quiet. So be sure the pyt came with a tight Non Disclosure Agmt (NDA) to sign. The Firm know how to keep their stuff private/protect their image (which now incl M and family). Her fans shouldn’t be fooled they’re protect her to protect their image. Period. Any child born with at least Harry’s ‘Royal/Blue/Aristo’ blood will be under the QE2. In case of divorce M will get visitation rights and will agree to front like all is good.

  9. when I married 3rd Husband we dated about 3 weeks & I confessed at age 31 not sure how long it would take for us to get pregnant. I confessed I had taken birth control pills and my suicide attempt, also. Wonder if Meghan confessed her number of abortions and marriages? They I think dated close to two years so did she confess to Harry? Since you are going to read her half sister's book watch for some of my questions for I am not buying that book. I may check it out if library carries it. I was raised to confess prior to marriage most do not last long these days and just no wonder why?

  10. Ashley I’m watching your earlier video when your still on your phone. I have a question?? How and when were your eyes opened??

    You mention your grandmother and mother knew. My mother finally told me that my aunts from Sicily were into the occult.

    My mom would leave me w the catholic priest when I was around 3. I would be in a birdcage shaped swing. I was not afraid of them.

    I wonder if I’m an mk ultra???

    I see so much. I can move things

    But mainly I’m just confused. I watch you and you KNOW.

    HOW do you know what all you know??

    I believe everything you say. My house is alive. I believe a mason built my home.

    Just so many things happen to me. If you would reply

    I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you and I check for new stories from you every day.


  11. Oh oh what's that do I hear a bit of Southern Confederacy in your voice I'm really concerned here that we might be dealing with a racist then again you people don't call yourself races anymore do you I believe it's nationalist now get a life besides talking about this girl's seriously he chose her in a discussion you know you can't bring back the Civil War and give it to the South and your racism shows and all your videos by the way not just this one I will be notifying YouTube about you I'm sick and tired of you Paula Dean , Roseanne, racist pieces of crap going after this girl for no reason what did she do to you exactly and you sound American so you don't have any investment in England and if you were Harry told you to keep your opinion to yourself I don't think she ever because enough for you and you know she won't so why are you bothering us with your opinion why don't you stop burning your damn crosses on YouTube and by the way she was only married once before but that's just how much you educate yourself on any media that's not sponsored by whatever dude under a sheet you work for oh my goodness you know is this how you treat people seriously you seem to not go to church or know that you should treat other people the way you would want to be treated you just seem like a overwhelmingly negative person you ain't saying nothing unless you got something bad to say about this girl Kyrie put out a statement when they first started dating about people like you I believe it was cute the name out your mouth okay thank you when you need to be concerned about is how you old you look and I bet you ain't even that old invest in cream to help you wrinkles before you go and talk about someone else you look pathetic and old take care of that loose skin under your neck please Botox

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