1. Hey Bingus, How have you Been ?? Just wanted to jump in on the Topic of Pricing here on the East Side on Wax, Sugar , Shatter .. So wow where do i Start , well its all in Half Grams (they said it Sells Better ) They go from $50. to $70.. Bucks and that's F up !! And then Saw on the World News Just the other Day ,on how they Cant get Rid of the BLACK MARKET !!!! And how the BLACK MARKET KEEPS Growing & Growing & Growing , How it Never Been as BIG as it's Now !!!! All the States were thinking at the Time was $$$$$ Signs !! Thanks Bingus WEED NERD 100%

  2. Kidney stones are the worst thing to pass your back starts hurting then it seems like someone takes a hot Red Ice Pick and stabbed you really slow that is what kidney stones feel like to me

  3. Your intro songs gets me pumped. I find myself starting to sway and feet start shuffling. Then I remember I'm an old white guy and I don't dance lol. Cheers sir, great panel with lots of info.

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