OVERSLEPT on my HESI Exit Exam Day! + Time Management Tips | Nursing School Vlog + Student Mom Life

OVERSLEPT on my HESI Exit Exam Day! + Time Management Tips | Nursing School Vlog + Student Mom Life. I bring you along on my very stressful exam day …


  1. get anxious just watching this video.I hate that feeling of being out of control. What kind of tea do you drink? I like green tea and vanilla chi. I am not a huge fan of tea I prefer coffee. Good luck on the test

  2. Missed my first clinical day on the OB floor (which I was PSYCHED for, because that's my beloved specialty) because I missed my alarm. Devastating. I woke up at exactly the time I was supposed to be getting to the floor. I felt terrible about it!

  3. I love the long sleeve you always wear.. Id buy something similar.. I just hope you would really research the actual shirt quality because I'd want something super comfy and long lasting . just something to think about

  4. Congratulations on your exam! 🙂 You are doing awesome juggling it all. I have my first proctored ATI exam for med surg in a couple of weeks and I am freaking out a little but trying to take it a day at a time. Quick question, what type of watch do you have?

  5. Hi Alyssa! I need some advice. Next week I have to get blood drawn (I have done it before when I was little but don't remember a lot of it) and I am terrified of needles. Do you have any advice on how to help me not freak out as much? I have extreme anxiety issues also. I also love your videos so much!

  6. Would love to buy one of those sweaters for my daughter with that saying shes in nursing school and is also doing clinicals and I see all her hard work plus she also works i give you both props for what you are doing

  7. Congratulations on doing so well on HESI! I also had to take that before graduating nursing school. You are in the final count down. I am way off when I oversleep. It throws me off the rest of the day. Lately I have been waking up in a panic that I need to go to work, the I realize it’s my off day.

  8. I just recently started watching your videos. Every time I watch I am in awe of how you juggle it all. My mom finished her nursing degree when me and my brother were about the age of your kids. It’s a lot of hard work but it teaches your kids real good lessons from the beginning! Keep up the great work!

  9. My hart goes out to beautiful your more then amazing and big congates on passing I have tatto because I'm in a wheelchair 24/7 and it says that's how I roll it be cool to see drifent t shits for kids adults to be positive more that's why I love watching your family xo buy from wa Australia

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