Making a Quilt from Start to Finish ✂️ Quilting Tips for Beginners | SEWING REPORT

Watch a modern quilt being made from start to finish over the course of 10 months – no pattern was used, only 8 1/2 inch cut triangles. Quilting techniques …


  1. I had one of these suckers in my UFO pile for ages as well, lol. I too finally finished it more than a year later lol. I love the glue basting of multiple areas. I frequently use it when I pull the binding over to the back side as well, just to be sure it stays put when I stitch in the sitch from the front. Sharon Schamber taught me that, and now I’m addicted to glue basting for anything that’s unruly. Lolol. Another thing I recently learned, and am COMPLETELY in love with, is using a blind stitch foot to do the final ditch stitching on the binding. Annie Unrein (by that in a tutorial she did, and I was blown away how much easier it was. The blind stitch foot has a metal guide down the centerline so you just line it up in your ditch and you can sew it down crazy fast. Love love love your videos! Your quilt came out fantastic! Thanks for being awesome!

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