living with depersonalization/derealization disorder (my traumatic marijuana experience PART 2)

After a bad experience with marijuana I felt disconnected from the world around me and even from myself for many months. The marijuana itself did not cause …


  1. Dissociation is not what psychology says it is!! It’s a spiritual problem which requires a spiritual intervention. When one dissociates it means that their soul has left there body!!! The bible says in Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood (humans) but against principalities powers rulers of darkness of the world and spiritual wickedness in the heavenly realm. This scripture makes it clear that we have two realms in this world. We have a physical realm and a spiritual realm. Demons dwell in the spiritual realms while we humans dwell in the physical realm. Demons can will-fully possess your body and pull your soul out of your physical body, hence why you may find your self in another realm (Spirit realm) watching yourself which is why you feel nothing is real but it certainly is. Whenever you find your self watching your self please note that it’s someone else controlling your physical body in the physical realm and not you!!! The bible says that we have a body soul and a spirit. Jesus Christ can set you free from any demonic possession!!!!

  2. Jesus Christ does and can set you free. Jesus Christ said in the bible“All Power in heaven and on earth has been given unto me”. He also says “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I’ll give you rest”. He also says “The thief (Satan) comes to still kill and destroy but I’ve come that you may have life and have it more abundantly” put your trust in Jesus!!!

  3. You have nothing to worry about. Every thing you are describing is called “high as fuk” you prolly suffer with some king of anxiety disorder. And the weed is flaring up your panic. With weed you have to just chill and let it take you on your ride. Also the depth perception is normal when your stoned as fuk 😂. Have fun. Your very cute btw.

  4. When I was in school not long ago … I sometimes forgot simple things like drawing a graph and most things I knew school wise…I’ve always felt still asleep and constantly tired …sometimes it sounded like I was hearing from under water and sometimes I hear things and it takes me time to princess it sounds like mumbled words …I do have anxiety and lack of motivation because feeling like things arnt actually real ….I think this is the same ….is it?

  5. I smoked weed when I was 17. Very traumatic experience. I didn’t have any vision but black out kinda, had a lot of panic attacks and didn’t know what to do and the worst ones were before I go to sleep. Everything was like a dream and I was outside the real world watching everything. It’s been 6 years this happened. I’m now 23 turning 24 very soon. I’ve been living like I was outside the world like no real perspective for about 2-3 years straight and I’ve been so depressed about it. Nobody coupld understand and I didn’t want to talk about it cause I was scared people would think I’m crazy. I pray to God everyday and now I feel ok but honestly since then sometime I still feel outside the world I don’t know if you know what I mean like I can’t explain it’s weird. I learned how to live with it. I am really against marijuana, it destroys brain, it destroys people. And I hope it will be illegal in the whole world forever.

  6. Omg, I think I dissociate too. I never knew what to call it. It's usually pretty mild, though, for me, but when you said that about it being like looking through someone else's glasses, wow. That describes it better than I've ever managed.

    Edit: Is dissociation the kind of thing that can be triggered by thinking about it, because I was a little paranoid all through this video that was going to happen. It didn't, though, but thinking so much about it makes me feel like I'm almost/about to dissociate. I think I'm just worrying over nothing, though. 😅

  7. i don’t have the visual stuff as much and i haven’t been diagnosed with anything but i can relate to some of the stuff you’re saying somewhat?? like i’ll look in the mirror every once in a while and i’m hit with the realization that that’s me and that i actually exist to other people and it’s suddenly like i’m watching myself from behind or beside me and then just as suddenly i feel like i’m looking at a stranger (it happens with other people too). or like today, i was sitting in my room and i out of nowhere thought about my name and for some reason just kept saying it out loud to myself and after about 15 times of saying it i said it again and stopped because it didn’t feel like me saying it and it felt like it was the first time ever hearing it out loud (which it obviously wasn’t). i kept saying it and i kept hearing it weirder and weirder and i started to get really anxious and despite knowing my name is unisex i got really worried that it wasn’t and that it was a girls name (i’m trans ftm) and googled it to make sure. i kept saying it and it would go from normal sounding for a few seconds and a few seconds later it wouldn’t even sound like my name and it got to the point where i didn’t think i was saying my own name (like i sort of forgot?? idk how to explain it) and everything felt like it wasn’t real for the whole duration of it and near the end choked up and almost cried so,,??? idk but like i understand what you’re talking about lmao

  8. that's interesting… I used to have sudden waves of feeling like what you describe very few times as a kid, only lasting for less than a minute or two, and almost exclusively close to sleeping. I fon't think that it was ever a panic thing for me (even though I've always been anxious), rather I found it fascinating when it happened and didn't worry about it because of how quickly it was always over, and it never affected me in a situation where I had to do anything, because usually I'd be in bed.

    regarding the weed – I don't think that it can primarily be blamed for causing this. you were vulnerable for probably many reasons to begin with.
    weed does however get mischaracterized commonly. it is not at all the reliably calming drug that most people think it is, as it can just as much and for not too few people quite reliably heighten anxiety and a bunch of psychosis stuff.

    I'd say the fact that many people never talk about weed negatively impacting mental health is because mental illness is quite a taboo topic, and many people who are suffering try to pretend that they aren't.
    other than causing trouble with many mental illnesses, weed does have significant aspects where it's a remarkably safe drug, namely life-threatening overdoses being impossible, long-term organ damage (other than some lung damage from smoking, or brain development shit if used during one's youth) seeming non-existant, and the addiction potential being extremely low (many stoners do have an unhealthy habit, but just about anything else including coffee or eating tends to be harder to quit). but it can indeed be very mentally challenging, and that is not acknowledged and understood widely enough.

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