Lil Xan Would Like to Make You Sober: Noisey Raps

Lil Xan is a 21-year-old rapper from Southern California who’s been rapping for only about a year and a half. As you can tell by his stage name, the rapper born …


  1. ‘’He wanted to feel normal like his friends.’’

    Or did he get from you well that’s second hand smoking. And who gets in a relationship when you wanna fit in I get it but when you have to SMOKE with them that’s a unhealthy relationship. Who names there kid Candy are you SERIOUS I bet his moms mom was on drugs.

  2. , where is a true mans, Wow pepole represente rap in USA ahhhhh trannies, going to sleeping xan you are fragility boygirl, you are not the street,, where is the true rap, the rap old school, no rap with hair red or grenn or rainbow, gay pride in the rap

  3. Love you, Diego. I struggle with addiction to opiates and Xanax as well. I’ve been sober now almost 2 months. And it doesn’t sound like a lot of time but Let me tell you I never thought I could make it even one day without getting throwed off my drugs. I’ve overdosed many times, blackout I’ve woke up on the floor alone and nobody would’ve found me till later. The last time I OD’d I hit my head pretty hard and got a concussion. It took 4 weeks to recover from it and feel like I can think straight. It was kinda funny cuz I was all slow and shit, but I mean the fact it happened cuz I did too much wasn’t funny. Addiction is no joke and we are all human beings all these people talking shit can go F themselves and find some fucking compassion. Love U

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