Juul explodes in kids face, and then…

Juul explodes in kids face, and then… In this video I come back with one of those cancerous deals that I know all of you supporters love. I watch this news …


  1. Dude its obvious. To stop kids from juuling we have to make shitier sounding flavours

    Here are my pitches
    – Dog shit (chocolate)
    – Donky saliva (mango)
    – that autistic kid (creme brule or however you spell it)

    This post is obviously a joke chill

  2. The only time using a juul is ok is when you already have a nicotine addiction as in if you’re smoking a pack of cigarettes a day then go get a juul but if you’re a random 14 year old kid don’t fucking juul it won’t be helping you

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