How to Quit smoking: My 30 day Challenge!

Finally tackling the last (and worst) habit in my path for the next 30 days. I include some supplements and tips here which Ill be going more in depth in the …


  1. I've never been a smoker, so I can't imagine. I might not follow all of your quit-smoking videos, but but you have my full support and confidence. A man who can quit masturbating can quit anything!

  2. I smoked for almost 20 yrs. It took me 4 tries to finally do it, but I haven't smoked in over 20 yrs. The first 3 times I quit cold turkey. The fourth time I decided to cut down till I smoked so little that quitting completely would be do-able. Unlike most smokers, my least fav cigarette of the day was the first, so I'd put that off as long as possible. So, right there I added a couple of smoke-free hours to my day with minimum discomfort. Maybe instead of smoking before a meal, I'd wait & eat first, smoke after. Maybe instead of smoking inside my house, I'd smoke outside. Again, just doing that made me smoke daily. Smoking and drinking booze go hand-in-hand. Couldn't drink without smoking. When I quit drinking I was able to quit smoking completely. After 6 months, I had no desire to drink, but was dying to smoke. So, I found that old box of Marlboro Lights under my car seat. Lit one up, smoked it. No big whoop. They I took a nap. When I woke up, my legs were killing me! They were so sore, like I had the legs of an 80 yr old. I knew it was from the cigarettes, so that was my last. I never had any desire to smoke again after that (1995!). ;^)

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