How To Grow 4 Cannabis Plants In Canada – Fully Legal Indoor Tent LED Autoflower – Oct 17th

In this series, I will teach you the best cheapest way to get the best yield from your 4 cannabis plants, under the new Canadian law ——-—–CANADIAN …


  1. Would recommend Crop King Seeds. They’re reputable with good strains and fast shipping. My “4” plants have all sprouted and are growing fast like weeds

  2. And just a tip for autoflower… They don't like to be transplanted…start them in the same planter they will finish in.(not a auto fan)(just fems,like to clone one,save the rest of seed for when it's really needed),I went up the middle with a wardrobe,lol.. and use a galaxyhydro 600 foxfarm ocean forest and strawberry fields..general hydro 3 part…just the general feed according to directions, and a half cap of sledgehammer flush every other watering..I clicked on this because it was 4 plants,with proper rotation 4 plants is all you need,but really a few clones to pick the better ones to veg and flower and Chuck the rest. Topping when small can give you good little bushes that are easy to move around and rotate(who wants 4 tents,) getting great yields from my cheap setup

  3. Promix seems pricey, Why that instead of something like Ocean Forest? I don't know how much promix that bundle was, but you should have plenty of soil for four five gallon buckets for around 50 bucks here in Kansas. You don't think soil would be the less challenging way for the first attempt? I tried coco once and smoked my plants. I found out later I should have rinsed the salt out. Made me leery of anything but soil. But I would like to improve my harvest, but 100 bucks doesn't seem cost effective. Glad you guys up North are all honest citizens enjoying your right to use cannabis 😁

  4. Noob questions:
    1. You recommend a 3×3 grow tent but link to a 2×4 grow tent. Does this change the light distribution requirements?
    2. For a smaller tent like a 2×2, would a smaller LED suffice? How much?
    3. Venting to outdoors in the Great Cold North winters… temperature problems? Not exactly the same, but I had an AC unit with ducting out of a window. In the winter this drops room temperature by ~2 degrees. How to neutralize this threat to plants that need to stay warm?

    Thanks for the guide & video!

  5. good video. Legalisation rollout in Ontario, Canada is moving slow. The Canada Post rotating strike is adding more fuel to the fire LOL. might as well plant my own bud lol

  6. The Samsung LEDs 561C, 301B look tempting if you solder them up yourself but buying a retail LED to compete with the LEC is a huge price jump. I find myself thinking that a 600 watt hps in a 2.5×2.5 would result in more yield than I would need. The comments that LEC result in better quality I find interesting ( 400W or 2 x 315's ) but I'm not exactly sure what better quality means. If it meant better taste and visual appear that would be nice but most of the strains already produce too much thc for my taste. Any thoughts you have on this would be interesting. An awful lot of what is out there is advertising rather than pragmatic discussion. In these small spaces I expect that some kind of sea of green is most practical. The number of plants rule seems kind of funny as well. 1 plant with a big pot or 4 plants with a small pot with a similar canopy and light should yield about the same. If you had 4 600 watt lights and 4 tents the yield with 4 plants would be silly if you assume 1 gram / watt = 2400 grams = ~5lbs that is just a silly amount of marijuana for any one to grow for personal consumption… This makes me think maybe a single 315LEC is a pragmatic solution for a home grow but I haven't thought about this since the days when folk discovered that the sodium vapor street lamps were a great way to grow.

  7. Hey man do u use the florakleen in between feedings or just at the end? Have u ever used a flavored flush I just picked up one by grotek blueberry final flush I'm kind of sceptical so I will only use it on 1 plant for now

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