1. Soo what are their motives? I'm sure they understand all of this, but they deliberately avoid testing. Which is literally what science is, you question everything and test ur hypothesis to get a better understanding yet they avoid this despite having the knowledge and resources to do it. I might be paranoid but I would assume that they want humans to not be able to build an immunity to diseases so that they can release an epidemic and we will be defenseless. Vaccines are also injected straight into ur blood stream, which is not the natural process of a virus. That's why we have nose hair and eye lashes and first line defenses so that our body has more of a warning and can start to build anti-bodies. When a virus is injected like the flu shot (every time I got the flu shot, i also got the flu.) Ur body gets ambushed and doesn't go thru the proper steps. Leaving you more susceptible the next time you come into contact with the virus/disease.

  2. When discussing your interaction between you and your pediatrician about vaccination, you stated that your pediatrician stated that the link between vaccinations and autism is debunked, but you had not raised this concern. I believe that they likely stated that the link between vaccinations and autism is debunked because this is the major or mainstream argument against vaccination. While I do think that your pediatrician could have handled the discussion better, I would like to point out that your pediatrician is only trying to offer what they believe is best for your child. The pediatrician is practicing under ethical standards that include beneficence and nonmaleficence. For people who are not familiar with these ethical ideas, beneficence is the notion that there is a moral responsibility to act for the benefit of others. While maleficence is the idea of “do no harm.” Because the pediatrician is following these ethical ideas, I do not believe that they would support vaccination if they thought it did not benefit your child or caused harm to your child. It is also important to note that the pediatrician is also respecting your autonomy, which is your right to make your own decisions, as the patient’s parent by not forcing your child to receive vaccinations.

    After hearing many arguments against vaccination pointing to the correlation between autism and vaccinations, I appreciate your concern that vaccinations may cause autoimmune disorders. It seems that you have done research on vaccine production and their components. One thing that I would like to point out is that adjuvants are not present in all vaccines and they serve many purposes depending on the vaccine. In general, the purposes of adjuvants are to help stimulate the immune system against the specific antigen presented by the vaccination. This in turn helps to stimulate a systemic response, which is important for developing immunity against the specific antigen presented in the vaccine. For this reason, I disagree with your statement that adjuvants “indiscriminately” hyper-stimulate the immune system.

    Could autoimmunity correlate with vaccination? Yes. Does vaccination cause autoimmunity? This is not so clear to me. You pointed out the comparative study on the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated 6 to 12 year old children. I had not seen this study before and I found the results interesting. The study made me wonder, could the 30.1 X prevalence of allergic rhinitis in the vaccinated population be caused by another factor. Is it possible that unvaccinated children are exposed to different or more/less environmental factors which decreases the prevalence of autoimmunity in the unvaccinated population? These factors could include exposures to the outdoors, illnesses, hygiene practices, and others that are likely difficult to predict. What I hope to point out is the possibility that families that do vaccinate could, in some way, be different from families that don’t vaccinate, and that this difference could be causing the increased prevalence of autoimmune diseases. This could account for the correlation between vaccinations and the prevalence of autoimmunity.

  3. This video contains several inaccuracies that I find a bit disturbing, starting with his statement below this video. Please take a moment to understand that medical professionals, including his pediatrician, have to study immunology intimately while in medical school and likely continue immunological studies while in residency and into their medical careers. Putting someone “in their place” is subjective and does not indicate legitimacy in an argument.

    He provides an accurate Wikipedia description of an adjuvant but fails to mention several important facts regarding adjuvant use in vaccines. For those who are scared by this term, here a few notes on adjuvants: 1. They are NOT in all vaccines such as IPV, MMR, Varicella, MCV4, and influenza; 2. Aluminum hydroxide and MF59 (oil in water composed of squalene) are currently the only FDA approved adjuvants for use in humans; 3. 50-70% of aluminum is excreted within 24 hours. These are highly regulated, were tested thoroughly prior to use in the public, and allow optimal function of vaccines.

    This gentleman is good at using medical jargon as a scare tactic but does not provide adequate context. The body does mount a systemic response, and this is a good thing. The reason some people become “fluish” after receiving a flu-vaccine is because the body is doing its job by creating a primary immune response to prepare for secondary exposure (memory). This is not the vaccine turning into the flu, but I digress. Adverse reactions to vaccines, although incredibly rare, are inflammatory responses (normal as mentioned above), conversion of wild-type (live-attenuated becoming active), and allergic reactions (commonly eggs or gelatin). As with any medication, vaccines are not perfect and require an intimate knowledge of the patient prior to administration. Physicians are aware of the populations who should not receive certain vaccines such as those who are pregnant, people with acute febrile illnesses, immunodeficient patients, those on immunosuppressive therapies, etc. That said, the rare occurrence of side effects is far outweighed by the proven benefits.

    Some of the strongest evidence in the success of vaccines is the decrease, and sometimes the total disappearance of the disease vaccinated against. In 2014, there were 0 new cases of diptheria compared to 206,939 in 1921, 2 case of Rubella compared to 57,686 in 1969, 34 cases of influenza B compared to 20,000 in 1984, and 0 cases of polio compared to 21,269 in 1952. These are all diseases we are actively vaccinated against. If given the opportunity, make a quick google search of what some of these diseases look like.

    While I understand the speaker’s concern in addition to the concerns of the anti-vaccination community, the reason physicians push vaccines is not because of big-pharma, but because of bioethical principles they try to practice. We want to do the most amount of good and reduce harm amongst all of our patients. By vaccinating our patients, we can create herd immunity which can protect the community as whole.

  4. Doctors receive a substantial amount of what are essentially kickbacks from the big Pharma industry. One woman was told by her doctor, who was going to cease accepting unvaccinated children because he was losing $100k over a 6 month period due to losses of that income.

    Should be illegal. It's certainly of a very questionable moral standard.

  5. I guess I would shut up "my doctor" but I don't have a doctor, I also don't have a poisoner, I don't have a limb chopper, I don't have a radiator, I don't have a burner, I don't have a hanger, a shooter, a cutter, a drowner or a suffercator.

  6. Jesus this is unscientific. Who are you? What third rate academic institution did you attend (if.. at all!?)? Try looking up what the actual experts have to say on vaccines and stop listening to this fake BS – try googling "vaccines CDC" or "vaccines Harvard" or "vaccines johns hopkins" these are the authoritative institutions doing world leading research on these issues…

  7. Vaccines aren’t just to protect you, but even those around you. For example, when you choose to not vaccinate, which is of course your right as a patient, you not only risk aquiring the illness yourself, but you risk allowing to illness to multiply and potentially mutate into a form vaccinated patients may vunerable to. Also, if you are not vaccinated and become infected with a bug that vaccines may have prevented you from contracting, and you come in contact with someone who may be immunocomprimised, you’ve effectively signed their death certificates (particularly in hospital settings). And i understand that you think vaccines cause autism but tell me how? I know none of you could provide the credible research to back up what you feel. When you say something it true or fact, make sure you know the why because not everyone is naive and gullible. The original arguements that vaccines cause autism go back to the mercury in them (from what i’ve read) and just to clearify, the mercury in vaccines, which serves as a carrier for the antigen to the bug we want to become immune to, is already organified. Which means you body will not retain it and allow it to build up in you bones. You will excrete this when you use the restroom! And I understand many are concerned for the well being of themselves, their family or others but vaccines do work. And sure the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals do make a profit off you getting vaccinated, but thats because its not free to make, distribute and even discover through extensive research and trials. Last note, i know docs may act like smart asses sometimes, but understand that they are extremely stressed in the hours they work, have to know, they can really never be wrong or potentially risk hurting someone, and more that causes some to act the way they do. Sure some are arogant jerks, but most of those i’ve come across have genuinely had good intentions. In medical school, they teach more than just anatomy, drugs and disease. They teach empathy and understanding, communication, and other attributes of leaders. Not all physicians arent perfect, but most do want the best for their patients. Please do comphrehensive research before deciding to or not to vaccinate or for that matter, undergo any form of treatment, because these important decisions could cost you your life or lives of those around you.

  8. Unforutanetly you're pushing another false belief with this video. Autoimmune disease does not exist. Your bodies immune system doesn't attack itself, it attacks viruses and bacteria aka invaders. Chrons, thryoid problems, lyme, fibromyalgia, are all the effect of viruses in different parts of the body. The problem with vaccines is that heavy metals like aluminum, mercury formaldehye, feed these viruses and worsen symptoms.

  9. But now your kid has no protection against vaccine-preventable diseases.
    You present basically no evidence that definitively links vaccines with autism or auto-immune diseases, or anything else. Correlation doesn't equal causation.

    Why would you take a tenuous, pedantic concern and use it to ignore the vastly bigger risks of not being vaccinated. Why completely forego vaccines over something like this? It seems you're going out of your way with small, insignificant concerns.

    There is nothing wrong with adjuvants. Like you say, some (not all, you're wrong) vaccines need them to work…that's science. You're going to have to present something better.

  10. I am a College Professor of Human Anatomy & Physiology of 20 years. I am against vaccines, and I share these dangers with my students (often during our discussion of the Immune Response). Everything that you share is on point! Great video!!

  11. Nice work!! I’m reading the book The plague by Dr Judy Mikovits a scientist who found a link between retroviruses contained in animal cells used in vaccines and they’re role in causing cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune disease ect later in life. Instead of an award for her work, she was JAILED!!
    Here’s an ingredient list from the CDC
    Formaldehyde, Mercury, aluminum, monkey kidney cells….ect
    Is that what you want in your babies?

  12. Btw, in MOST states, u do not have to vaccinate ur children for them to attend school… they tell u that u need to get them vaccinated to attend school like it is a requirement or a law but that is deceptive…and they won’t tell u that you can sign a waiver (may be called something else in ur state, but in Arizona it is a waiver, I have signed 5 or 6 of these)… it is a short form that u might get from the nurse… be ready to flag pressure from the nurse… one thing I have said is that I have familiarized myself with the diseases and I have knowledge about how to care for them and doctors who can help my child if he gets any of those diseases giving him the best chance for a quick recovery… and I usually point out which ones are easily healable. And I do have a plan for meningitis… there are some oxygen therapies that can be very effective and I do have a doctor that can administer that treatment… of course, that’s me.

  13. If u live in Arizona u can take ur children to a naturopath if the allopathic pediatricians won’t take ur children… ironically, in the late 90’s, my sons doctor here in AZ, recommended against the chicken pox vaccine… that left an impression for sure

  14. The cdc and mainstream media is issuing statements that 80000 people died from the flu in 2018… I believe in the us… well the figures I quickly found were that well under 200 children died of the flu, I believe according to the cdc… then I heard the second msm report and push to get the flu shot… in which they said children and the elderly are at the highest risk… well it sounds like less than 200 children of those 80000 people who died which does not indicate to me, that children are at some heightened risk… also, I would think that if 4000 people per day are dying of the flu in the USA, there would be some msm coverage and interviews with families and such… I think they are lying

  15. Since 1988 there have been fewer than 6000 total serious adverse effects with causal evidence proven to have been directly related to ALL vaccinations (144 per year average). To put that into perspective, from 2006 ~ 2013 there were 1668 proven, causal, adverse effects related to the over 2 BILLION (2,236,678,735) vaccinations administered.

    That is a .000000834% chance of having an serious adverse effect to any vaccination.

    You have better odds of getting killed by lightning, a hippopotamus, or even ants, than getting seriously ill from a vaccination.

    Without being vaccinated, just contracting Measles alone, you have a 30% chance of having a serious reaction to the disease (hospitalization, long term disability or death) including a:

    7% chance of Otitis media
    6% chance of Pneumonia
    0.7% chance of Seizures
    0.1% chance of Encephalitis
    0.2% chance of Death

    You are right, you do have a choice: .000000834% (risk of harm vaccinating) vs 30% (risk of harm with no vaccination).

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