1. Check out Joe Cross' website for some great juicing recipes. Nice breakfast one for you: 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit, 2 carrots and 1cm ginger. My wife loved this when we were juicing for a health boost, and it now replaces here goto drink for breakfast. Oh and don't forget some fresh walks too, as fresh air is just as important as the diet. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  2. My name is rick my wife and I are both cancer survivors if you want to talk my cell is 702-279-0854 I have nothing to sell I've been watching your channel for years now I live in Vegas. We had two different types of cancer, Cannabis works !!

  3. That durban poison is killer chef..ive had it as well from crop king it grows very stretchy. ..what u see in my pic is cali og..from the king
    When u get a chance chef grow out the dark angel..very tasty🍻fr: ontario

  4. All the best from my wife and me. Prayers for you Chef B to beat this cancer ..i truly believe you will you have the best medicine right there. Good solid teaching thank you I am a big fan. Take care of yourself.

  5. CBD together with THC oils work 100x better for cancers then just plain CBD. (Secret) balances all hormones in the human body.
    There's also stuff called MMS Goto jimhumble.org go watch some testimonials on what this stuff does it basically oxidizers and kills the cancer in 2 weeks yes 2 weeks solid
    You mix the 2 drops add water and then drink before going to sleep. Also brilliant is Ivy leaf tea. Yes the green leaves that grow up walls all over the show
    Have one a day take the leaf chop up fine and pour boiling water over it let it sit for 2mins and mix with 2 teaspoons of honey and drink…
    This stuff is a huge healer most people don't even know about and they practically grow all over the show!!! What's also brilliant for you is Kelp as contains over 250micro nutrients and also iodine which strengthens your immune system.
    Secret when your immune system is strong and healthy it will fight off any diseas!!! Wish you all the best and fast healing!!

  6. Mr. Chef B, I am so glad to See you Up and Walking Around and Doing your thing!! But Man Chef, i bet that is a Tough thing to do QUIT SMOKING Wow that's a Big 1 Wish 1 day i can do the Same Chef!! Maybe you can Start Showing us What all you do Now Since you had to Change your Lifestyle, like Show us What you are Eating, How you Plan on Killing off this Bad Sickness, How you are Taking CANNABIS Now & How you are Making your Cannabis Med's… Think a A Lot of us would Love to see you Make the Med's Now… But listen Chef Hang in there Hope Everything will WORK OUT for ya !! Keep your Head Up Sir and Keep doing what YOU LOVE Doing !!

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