Full Spectrum CBD oil VS Isolate- Which is Better?

Brock gives a VERY simple breakdown of the difference between full-spectrum CBD oil versus CBD Isolate. For more information on using CBD oil as an athlete …


  1. CBD isolate has its benefits, CBD full spectrum products looks to be the better, more efficient option to go to For the majority of average users. But the only way to truly see what works best for you and your system is to try it out! Give it some time, experiment with different strengths and intake methods and see what works best for you!
    Here is the recommended list of top full spectrum oils- http://cbdvapegenius.blogspot.com/2018/06/top-3-cbd-full-spectrum-oils-ranked-by.html

  2. I bought this oil at cbd store
    Colorado cures PREMIUM ISOLATE can you explain a little bit about this oil there’s a lot of oil I’m confused
    Is this is good for anxiety and panic attacks I hope you can answer me..

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