Federal Marijuana Laws To Be Enforced In Legalized States – LEO Round Table episode 446

00:58 Feds to enforce marijuana laws in legalized states 08:17 Iran leader tweets insults about American police murderers LEO Round Table (law enforcement …


  1. Practicing, observant Muslims acting indignant over human rights violations is laughable. In Iran you can legally 'marry' a infant girl and rape her. Concerned about treatment of black people? LOL, Mohammed traded black slaves like cattle, and Muslims have murdered, raped, enslaved millions of black Africans. The audacity is amazing. As Muslims increase in population in the USA, LEOs are going to be up against the perverse wickedness of true Islam.

  2. Aren't the police just the protective force that maintains the status quo of the wealthy elite? Don't you think we ought to solve the roots of social problems rather than jamming people into over crowded prisons…

  3. Has anyone here heard of the tenth amendment? Here, let me help you out:
    The 10th Amendment:
    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

  4. I am not opposed to legalization, although I don't agree with use of pot. However, I believe that legalization first needs to come federally, and then states should follow as they wish.

  5. Pot laws should not be changed. Pot is not so innocent a bystander as you are so led to believe. It has horrible health and social repercussions. The facts are conveniently ignored for one big huge reason:


    Money for the state

    Money for the stock market

    Money for the average business monkey.

    The offset, as you will see, is a spread to other area.  You'll pay in your insurance. You'll pay in other social areas, including but not limited to higher rates of death, higher injuries, the usual indicators with other drugs and alcohol abuses. 

    How do I know this? Because I had the experience of working with research associates on the university level at a number of universities. The facts they found are staggering. 

    Don't believe me? Keep to your mimetic attitude. Repost and believe the media.

    Just watch what happens.

  6. In other words he's calling out the Hypocrisy of AmeriKKKa for calling the kettle black. America wants to criticize others for their "human rights violations" but America doesn't want to discuss its current and historical transgressions against its EX-SLAVE population.

    You seem to forget – 1979, Iran sent the black people home, with the exception of one black guy who "thought he was white"

    Why did they do that? Because they recognized that the POWERLESS blacks who they saw get beat up and harassed by the Ole' Boy Network of white police, weren't the ones causing them to have the problems in their country, despite also being American.

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