1. I expect they want that Euro army so they can terrorize the Czechs, Poles, Hungarians into towing the line, but their welfare states aren't getting smaller with their 3rd world imports, so I don't see them as being capable of fielding anything sizeable. I read that NATO has 12 battalions it can muster now – that's not even an entire division. All of our NATO "allies" whined incessantly about how expensive it was for them to keep a single brigade in Afghanistan – and most of them had less than a brigade deployed.

  2. Like all Empire's throughout history, an European Empire would need to resort to expansionism and scapegoating to survive and like all Empires, particularly the Roman Empire, it would be Mortal and would probably have a similar fate

  3. A singular government won't work. Not with multiculturalism. Not with language barriers. This empire will die off faster than the ones that died before it. Because everyone is too culturally blended and unable to speak to everyone. How do you issue a general order to and army that consists of 20 languages? It will die from chaos before it dies from authoritarian order.

  4. C'mon american , not all europeans are norddicucks there are nice people like the spaniards , the italians the hungarians the greeks and the portuguese ( especially in madeira island, long live king alberto joao jardim who was democratically ellected for 37 years in a row)

  5. It won't be Swedish or German troops, it will an army made up of all the aggressive fighting age male immigrants, they have no loyalty to any Euro nation or it's people and they will gladly exert authoritarian force in exchange for a paycheck

  6. You know things can change fast and dramatically. My fatherland Germany (and Europe as a whole) may seem to be in a big tumult but as far as I can oversee the past 2000 years there have been more difficult times here on the continent then todays. I am sure that after the next civil war/economic collaps/revolution/ultra-right drift… we will fix all these problems very quickly.

  7. Hello Styx? European quest for empire is nothing new. Think: Holy Roman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Britush Empir, Spanish Empire, Ancient Roman Empire, Vandal Empire, Viking Empire, Napoleon, the Portuguese Empire, Peter the Great & the Great Northern War. Come on, man. It's their MO.

  8. Baby Hitler I E Merkel is going to love this idea. Since she is and all of her family are Nazis the people from Luxenberg yeah they’re Nazis too they’re a bunch a scam and need to be put down. Just think how much money do United States is going to save by not paying for NATO. This is going to be great!!!!!!

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