1. Hey @thechartguys – do you think its too late to hedge S&P with SPXS? I've been waiting for cash to arrive in my account to do that, and now I'm worried I'm going to get in too late.

  2. For Trulieve I like the idea that a highly regulated cannabis market in Florida is a POSITIVE considering Trulieve currently has a 65% market share. The longer Trulieve has the restricted ability to open dispensaries and has first mover advantage, the larger the footprint they'll have when rec goes forward. Customers are constantly complaining about high prices and low inventory (high earnings) but the customers also seem to love the company. From a trading perspective I get what you are saying but from an investor perspective, I love the company. Earnings and conference call is Nov 19th.

  3. Awesome videos. You may need to add canntrust which is a major Canadian player…. have a supply deals with every single province in Canada.

    On the other note, why you don't trade all these american names on CSE?

  4. What brand robe did you buy? That’s our specialty. Alexander Del Rossa robes and pajamas. Best selling sleepwear on Amazon and big fan of Chart Guys. : )

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