Blue Pill speaks on Neil Degrasse Tyson Exposing Ancient Aliens and Western Scientific Community

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  1. For all the flat earthards who don’t know what a Plane section of a sphere is. Take a piece of paper and draw a perpendicular crosssection of the problem. I.e. you will have a circle (representing the sphere) and a line (representing the plane) going through it. The the distance between the midpoint of the circle and the nearest point of the line is x. When you draw in this distance it will make a right angle with the line. Now also connect the point where the line crosses the circle with the midpoint. This line has a length of y. You have got a right angled triangle. The rest (Pythagoras and area of a circle) I shall leave as an exercise to you.

  2. BLUE and HOST continue to unpack the GOD concept. R we to gain great insight into it or indeed US and just let that God experiential concept dictate actively or passively.

  3. Black people are all over the galaxy and universe, even the Ethiopian stories describe us from being from mars and other star systems and if black people pay attention they will discover this knowledge from various sources of African spiritual systems such as voudon/voodoo.

  4. First and Foremost peace to blackmagic the blue pillar street healer:
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  5. 16:33 "Is it history or is it mythos?"

    "Mythos" is the word that leads us away from understanding our traditional interpretation of the word "Muthos"(true story). When using the Wadjet of our ancestors in the context of the God-Kings, we become aware of the antagonism between muthos and logos. Much of our confusion is solved by word etomology and nomenclature.

  6. The wisdom of king Solomon to him was given the secrets of all mathematics he numbered his kingdom he built and created the first temple for his God to him belonged the. magical
    ring to coexist in any realm spiritually he knew the speech of birds and his science of the material vegetable and animal world in which we exist was not excelled not even by ancient Egypt . Come back G.

  7. I don't know if there are any Marvel fans on here but I can guarantee you they are going to use black people as the X-Men characters with the new X-Men characters that will be portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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