1. Hey dude, I just tried CBD hemp for the first time to treat my insomnia. I used a CBD AXIS Hemp Roll and I was amazed at the sleep I had and the overall stress-less feel it provided. Then I tried an OriginalHempBuds roll, and it destroyed my throat, couldn't enjoy it at all. Can you recommend the best bud for me? I'm looking for high CBD for anxiety and something to help me sleep. Something I can smoke and enjoy, and I've been toying with the idea of making my own oil from something good. I'm new to all this, so I appreciate the help. Thanks!

  2. I got an ounce of it, and I personally love it, but not for reasons people might agree with. I do though have some complaints about it. First I'll say, I love cbd isolate. I get a very alert, very focused, very pain numbing effect from cbd isolate, which is what I look for in hemp most of the time. And this strand is perfect perfect perfect for that effect. It is awesome for a daytime or musician's smoke. And it taste pretty good suprisingly. But my complaints are that it is fairly dry. Way more dry than what you expect from new flower. The teroene content is really low and it has untraceable entourage cannabinoids, which i prefer for this specific kind of strictly cbd effect hemp. But if your looking for a good super relaxing effect, or a more body effect, this is not the strand for you. Because it takes a fairly large amount, like a gram or more to achieve what you would feel from say a few hits of starseed quality flower. Personally, I don't think I will order it again, for the specific reason that the terpenes and non-CBD content is so low. I believe this is perfect for people that want to smoke and do something complicated that requires focus, and for that, it's awesome. The cbd effects are pretty much like smoking isolate. But I think there casino cookie or sunset sherbert is going to be a better choice for more effect with high cbd levels. Sunset having the strongest effects from those three. But all three not being so mind debilitating like starseeds flower or directs Durban potion. I'm really curious about there chardonnay #2 though, it seems like it's going to be really good considering the quality of there first chardonnay. But the thc level in #2 is undetectable which unfortunately means the other non-CBD cannabinoids are low, but the strand itself makes very nice flower. I do believe that the strongest effect flower from direct is defiently going to be there new ac diesel #2. Which has an added 13mg cbga per gram.

  3. not super impressed effects wise with this or the new cookie strain. both are decent tasting and really dont look bad but i didnt really even know i smoked it afterwards honestly. i have to say i would take either over tweedles newest stuff though lol

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