✔ Drug Testing – How to Pass a Drug Test / Things You Can Do At Home To Pass A Drug Test / Part 2

Part 2 Passing a Urine Test 1. Never try to cover up or dilute your sample. Most household items, like bleach, salt, and vinegar, will change the pH of your urine.


  1. Hey guys can yall help me out ?? I smoked weed about 16 days ago for the first time and I only took three pulls of a joint. One of my friends told me that they testing us, the people on the council, but he's not sure when. Is there still thc in my system?

  2. synthetic urine doesn't work because they will re test u over & over ,same visit & how are u gonna re fill a cup 4 times in a row with synthetic urine ,u would have to smuggle litres of it in

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