What’s MDMA AKA Ecstasy or Molly like and why is it so dangerous?

In this video I share my subjective experience with MDMA, also known as ecstasy or molly, and why it’s such a dangerous compound. Help support this channel: …


  1. I think MDMA is dangerous and all but you evidence is shaky at best. I can't believe one guy's personal opinion that is based on his personal experience. If that is good enough evidence homeopathy is starting to seem like a miracle treatment.

  2. I’ve done Molly with lsd before and it’s like it enchanted the trip and my body felt so good and I was tripping pretty good actually I almost had a bad trip but I calmed myself and just let it pass naturally overall good time and never have the urge to do it again

  3. I also developed Derealisation/Depersonalisation after 1 dose of XTC when I was 18 and it lasted until I was 25 now Im 34. I remember that I thought I was insane, everything seemed unreal, like a dream. Went to psychologists psychiatrists, had brainscans nobody could cure it. Eventually it disappeared by itself I thank God for it.

  4. I like alot of this guys videos but i did x for a long time when it was actually good. This kid is a little younger. This was the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I think this person that he is talking to is anecdotal evidence. Which means nothing really. Also “molly” almost always isnt mdma at all or has alot of other stuff in it. The stuff i got in the late 90’s was the real deal being shipped in from Vietnam in powder form and then pressed in canada. Its the real stuff that comes from a Sassafras oil. Thats real mdma. I had days where i felt what was called “ate up” for a day or 2 sometimes after but i dont think it had long term effects atleast not yet and that was around almost 20 years ago. I know tons of people that dont seem to have any bad effects either

  5. Best drug ever, but to get the best out of it you can only do it once in a while. handle it right and its your friend, but like most things abuse is where it goes wrong. The fact that you don't know what your taking is a worry though and there's a lot of very dodgy pills out there.

  6. As you say, the research on MDMA is quite confusing. However, from direct and indirect experience, I can fairly confidently say that this is a case where dosage and frequency make the poison. Take a small dose every now and then is harmless in my modest opinion. Overdose and/or take it too often is clearly neurotoxic. I'm obviously talking about pure MDMA. And you're right when saying that testing makes it safer but not 100% safe. MDA for instance is way more toxic than MDMA, however the marquis test can't differentiate between the two.

  7. trust me i live in Asia. the ROA of crystal meth in asia is what makes it very very addictive. we dont use bowl like in the US. we use water bottle, we make 2 holes in the bottle cap, to put straws in, 1 for inhaling 1 for the glass dropper. like a water bottle bong with 2 straws hanging on top. and we would put meth in the glass dropper. and use small fire (custom) seeing the vapor travel throigh the glass dropper and then seeing the bottle full with meth vapor. god, trust me ROA of meth in asia is what makes it really2 addictive

  8. Very impressed. How about 200+ doses in 3 years. I heard a story of a second grader with an IQ of a junior in college that could repeat back 16 numbers spoken to him every time went on a binge of X in his early 20’s and now will spend the rest of his life not being able to remember a phone number spoken to him immediately after.

    However, repetitive muscle memory of a certain thing he can obtain and through repetitive motion of behavior whether by thought or physical repetitiveness is what was said about his learning abilities even though he’s suffering from immediate memory inabilities to repeat or remember more than one thing at a time.

    This once brainiac as a child will never become someone great like all that are great with remembrance minds. It’s sad. Only people who remember everything seem to be the greatest accomplishers of our society, so believe the dangers

    I’m not that bright to begin with, so I never had a chance anyway, but if you’re young and smart- staying away from drugs is probably a good idea.

  9. The way you talk so passionately about drugs makes me think you miss it, but im happy your clean & sober I hope you stick to it. The meth video was a good one and that ones apparently the hardest to kick so congratulations

  10. I had weed laced with it and I also have genes against most drugs, (didn’t know it was laced until after experience) since then I have had derealization and anxiety and the whole world is terrifying. I am effected strongly by the strongest things as in a “ lightweight” almost like my body rejects anything now and if anyone can help me with this please reply

  11. I had similar experiences with it. Took it every weekend for about 2 years. The come-up was anxiety hell, sweating, and desperately needing to take a dump, which is not great when you're at a music festival with only portable chemical toilets. The LAST thing you want to be doing at that point is sitting in a putrid, stinking public toilet knowing dozens of others are in the line. But once you're up, the feeling of contentment, complete lack of anxiety, and connectedness with others is amazing. Once I was at a rave which was in a big sports stadium. This event was spread over about 8 basketball courts with different DJs in each. So there was this HUGE choke point in the middle as people moved from one room to another. Usually that kind of crowding would freak me right out. But I was quite happy just to stand there, slowly shuffling along to who knows where, all my friends MIA, rubbing up against strangers, and just casually engaging in chit-chat with whoever happened to be crushing up against me. "Sorry man". "No worries dude. Where are you headed?". "I dunno man". "Me either. heh". And at first, I loved the next day or two. I was so relaxed. I'd just sit outside in the sun with a beer and / or a joint, and ride it out, relaxing my arse off. But then, after a while, the highs get shorter, and the next days became more of a downer than a relaxing experience, to the point that I would be getting extremely anxious. Then I went through a phase of candy tripping (MDMA + LSD) which just made things weirder. But it just wasn't working for me anymore. I think this was a combination of the changes it was making to my brain chemistry, and the amount of other shit that was being mixed in with the MDMA by that time. Would I take it again? Yes, probably. But not at a public event, and I'd have to know it was close to pure MDMA, and I'd want some benzos to curb any anxiety the next day.

  12. People might not be happy that he is being biased but he does state that his views are his subjective experience. Some people can use it a few times a year and be cool with it and I don't think CgKid is in denial of that, just a lot of people put feeling good before their serotonin receptors.

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