1. As pro-vaccination as I am, I have to agree with Dr. Bob to a degree – if that "alternative schedule" is what it takes to get people to vaccinate, then it's a start. It's great to want to completely eliminate the doubt about vaccines from society, but with the internet, that will never happen as long as predatory quacks exist (which will be always). The intention is not always as important as the results. If the spread out brings in parents who wouldn't otherwise vaccinate, it's doing some good overall. You can't fix ignorance, so sometimes providing band aids is all you can do.

  2. That immunologist at the end is right: Mothers in industrialized countries have forgotten how good they have it. The only thing stopping their kid from dying is that we have the medicine to prevent it. If you're not going to use it, women in India and Sub-Saharan Africa would be more than willing to take it off your hands.

  3. the crazy thing is that pus used to be swapped to try to prevent smallpox as a pre-vaccine inoculation. it is the same concept as vaccines but the 300-years ago version.

  4. Even with vaccines and hand sanitizing I still keep getting sick regularly. I hate to imagine what would happen if I stopped doing those things. I would probably be dead now or much worse.

  5. William W Thompson was a Senior Scientist for the US Centers for disease control and Prevention.

    He no longer works for the CDC. Because he said that we have been lying to the American people for decades.
    He also says that there is a correlation between Autism and Vaccines.

    John Oliver with his funny take would have you believe that only clueless big breasted hot moms are against vaccines. And clueless uneducated Somali Africans. and a delusional senator and a forgotten sot so famous Kennedy.

    yet the Anti Vaccine movement is led by thousands of renowned scientists
    scientists you will never see or hear about on the John Oliver Show, or any news outlet.
    Because big Pharma ( Farma) has bribed the hell out of the media and the politicians.
    this message is for all the sheeple appalling John Oliver's' take on this subject.
    I ask you to get off your ass and do some research.

    and no I am not a Trump or an Obama supporter.

    I am a Muslim, and American Muslim, who is against tyranny and dumb people.
    and no I don't hate the Jews and the Christians, they are my fellow men and women.
    but i call them as i see them.

    Why every time there is someone who questions things, things that are supposed to be accepted by the people as facts, why do these people get ridiculed?
    if you are so sure of your reasoning, isn't the right thing to do is to hear the other side's version?

    or is that communism?

    isn't the whole idea of liberalism founded on freedom or speech and to be free to express one's opinion?

    well why don't you watch some videos:




  6. OK. Question for John Oliver: how many healthy children has killed or crippled the polio vaccine in the US? Especially at the beginning. Yeah, I mean when people queue for it, like in the pictures above!

  7. I guess it’s better to spread the shots out, as opposed to not having them at all. Maybe it should be a law to vaccinate at this point…I’ll probably get a lot of hate for that opinion 🤷‍♀️

  8. My highschool biology teacher's son is very autistic. He is very pro vaccine and made the excellent point: so these parents would rather their kids die than live a life with a condition which can be managed?

  9. I vividly remember my polio vaccine back in 1975 … it was a pink liquid flavored like cherry and sweet. Perhaps it did turn me authentic … as I remember it as it was yesterday … down to the smell, location, who was in the room, taste, color and what I was wearing (it was not my fault that disco was still a thing …)

  10. There’s no theoretical advantage to spreading out the vaccinations, but if it assuages the parents enough to convince them to get the kids vaccinated then “it works”, in a sense.

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