1. Bingus , I have been here on You Tube for a Very Long Time Now and i am everywhere on here To the point where even some of you (not saying who & they know who they Are) Have asked me questions on there You tube Channel Just on different things, them Reaching out to me for my Thoughts on some things. Anyway i have seen a lot of Arguments and Falling Outs on here to.. I hear that someone has been CRYING to Gml .. lol and that has been for a Good Min. Not Saying Who ! But You know Who i am Talking About, So what ever is going on ,you Have to KEEP your Head Up My Friend and Put it ALL Behind you and Keep Moving Forward !!!! Everything WILL Work Out !! Stay Positive 100 all the time and you will have NO Worries !! Back when Gml would do his Shows back in the Day, i think Was THE BEST for His Show Back then, i do think His Show was Much More Educational ,so Don't know what the Gml Show is About Now, That's all i can Really say about that Right Now Think he /they Need to do something Before it gets Dropped from High Times Like You SAID Yourself Bingus EDUCATIONAL & Educational is the ONLY Way to go !! More & More states are Passing CANNABIS Today so People NEED EDUCATION and I just don't see it Being there Anymore …. I Like Gml just Hope that he would start Dropping his Old Style Show he Had again i don't know .. Ok Sir Have a Good Day Hollyday on Thurs. Dont Eat to Much !! lol Then you will have to walk a little more Fri. am. lol WEED NERD 100 % Real Talk!!

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