Quitting Your Job to Farm Seeds For a Living? 🌱

My friend Brijette used to be a green interior designer, making beautiful living walls. Not anymore. Now she farms for seeds in her own backyard in San Diego, …


  1. I am a subscriber to your channel. You have good content but I watch youtube videos on my tv with chromecast/google home and wanted to say sometimes your videos are unwatchable because your volume is so low compared to other videos. I either have to turn the volume all the way up on tv or skip video…. just a thought

  2. Nice one guys, I sell seeds too here in Australia. Main reason is because it's hard to get good organic seeds. Australia is about to start treating all organic seeds for bio security reasons.
    Great to see your taking control of your seeds locally, so much in this,,a real science as you know.
    Love the vids,,,thanks so much
    Marty Ware

  3. how do you make sure the plant pollination stays true to the variety? in a regular garden it is impossible to grow zuccini, cucumbers and squash/pumkins at the same time without risking unwanted genetic inputs from the sides… plus if neighbours grow a different variety you falsify the output, i guess?

  4. Really enjoyed seeing the whole process. I’m just a novice gardener but I watch a lot of these farm videos and they never fully explain how they get to the final product. Thanks!

  5. Yep – not only is home saved seed adapted to your own microclimate, but you know the seed is FRESH – which is an issue when you buy in seed. I always have a bed or two set aside just for seed production – they're not cropped at all (except for seed). I loved this video – wonderful! I'd be happy to buy seed from Brijette, but I'm in Australia..

  6. I'm located in San Diego too and buy from San Diego Seed Company all the time – I took a class from Brijette @San Diego Seed Company at Cuyamaca College with my husband. She is full of knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing, hope to tour her garden some day ;o)

  7. VERTICAL HYDRO RAFT? Well sort of.
    There is a rather interesting video showing how they went vertical with what we would use as a hydro floating raft sheet of Styrofoam. The video is in Chinese,but you should be able to watch it and get it. This is a great idea..and could easily be replicated. Vertical is the way to go as we can produce so much more food vertically.

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