Possible voice improvements after quitting smoking

Video discusses how cigarette smoking often impacts the quality of a smoker’s voice, and how sometimes quitting can make the person’s voice return to a more …


  1. Several years ago, I got this weird feeling way back in my throat, like there was a hair stuck back there. At the same time I lost the whole upper range of my voice. It was very depressing. I could hit some of the highest notes, now I am lucky to hit the notes of like, Stevie Nicks or male singers. My main reason for wanting to quit in hopes that I can get my voice back.

  2. How does this guy only have 7.9k subscribers?? I quit smoking cold turkey a few days under 5 months ago thanks entirely to you Joel as well as Allen Carr and his book “the easy way to stop smoking”

  3. I got this message by email addressing this video:

    I saw last summer a video a friend had recorded of me when I was a smoker. 
    I could notice immediately the change of my voice as I speak now as a non-smoker, and so did my friend when we watched it together- 
    We both said almost at same time I do not talk that way anymore. 


    Good video!

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