Opiate Addiction: A Holistic Approach

This video is a retelling of a lecture I gave last year at Herbstalk in Boston focusing on holistic modalities that could be used to treat opiate/heroin addiction.


  1. I didn't see Phenibut mentioned here. Phenibut and hashish helped me beat a wicked fake oxy(fentynl) addiction. You can get phenibut online for like 10 bucks.

  2. I am not struggling with addiction. But I have been using opiods, legally, along with other treatments. What I struggle with is pain. Opiods are an important part of my treatment and relief. I certainly understand why people want to get high. But I would discourage everyone from using opiods in this way. Because you may actually need them one day.
    And if you are struggling with addiction, then this will not be an option. I take the lowest dose that I can, to keep my brain from making more receptors, and increasing my tolerance. They do not get me high. I am chemically dependant, but I don't feel a psychological need to take them. Sometimes when I wake up, I forget to take them. Until my pain starts to become unbearable. Just to let you know, if you become addicted to opiods, the higher the tolerate, and higher the dose you are accustomed to, the harder it is to go through the physical withdrawal symptoms.
    Imagine the worst case of diarrhea you have ever had, and add to that every flu symptom you can think of. If I have to come off of my medication, I will also experience unbelievable amounts of pain, in addition to some withdrawal symptoms. I really pray that the government does not take away my Doctor's professional power to prescribe me opiods. I feel sorry for the families of the people who are addicts. The addicts are real people, with families who love them. And they are valuable people. We need to do everything we can to help them. And keep them safe by providing measured doses of safe opiods. And then try other treatments. If they get thier drugs, from the same place they get other treatment, they will gladly take the treatment. There is way too much stigmatizing of addiction. Everyone is not the same. Putting people in prison does not work. But some people do need to be forcibly removed from life threatening situations that they have no control over.
    Putting these people in Jail, can actually worsen the problem. Making them comfortable, and showing them love and support, and providing relief, is the key.
    Thier is a point of no return. Where people have to be physically detained. But suffering through weeks of physical and psychological withdrawal does not teach them a lesson. It just makes thier cravings worse. You are going to have to provide food and shelter and medicine for these people one way or the other. Or the illegal drugs will kill them. Or maybe the organized crime that supplies the drugs will kill them. If you claim to want to do something about this crisis, but you really don't care about the people who are suffering, then you are making things worse.
    People must be charged from the Inside out. My favorite scripture in the bible is Mark , chapter 7. You have to read the whole chapter. This addresses the root of addiction. You can't change the behavior, without changing the heart first. If you focus on how the addicted person views himself, and the world around him. What he holds onto, what he needs to let go, the apitite of the flesh can not be satisfied. But the spirit can be filled with satisfaction. This is a long process. If you are really looking to make a difference in these lives, then thier are many things to consider. Many options. But it takes time and resources. Prison takes time and Resources. The only other option is death. In my case, I hope that I can continue with the legal treatment of opiod use, because they help me to live a better life. I am already physically disabled. I fallow my Doctor's professional advice. I fallow the law. I should not be punished, because of other people's misfortune, or mistakes. Or even situations and conditions that are no fault of thier own. It is helpful to have information, and education about alternative resources that relieve pain, and treat addiction. This Utube video was helpful, I am always looking for ways to decrease my risk of becoming into a state of mind that has no control over my decision making process. Education, information, all of these keys are important.
    Demonizing is the opposite of what we should be doing. It has not worked in the past, and will never work in the present, or future.

  3. really hit home for me great info. & thank you only question i had is cannabis any helpful when coming off methadone or is it more of a replacement because ive been coming down on my methadone and when i dont have access to the cannabis my day is much worse?

  4. I take Turkey Tail. I harvest and process it without risk. It really helps my pain, but does not effect my cognitive function. It does not get me high. But it has drastically reduced my craving to drink alcohol. I think it is a mood Stabilizer.

  5. Going to multiple doctors, to obtain multiple prescriptions, is not actually taking opiods legally. The only way to get people from getting the deadly drugs off the street, is by providing them with a place to get thier opiods in a controlled environment. These places where people could access opiods that are measured, could also be places to address other issues that they have, that can reduce their needs to try to block out reality. There are much safer ways to get high than using opiods. The use of opiods to help people to edure chronic pain, can be life saving treatment. People should be educated on the physical and psychological changes opiods cause. There are other ways to treat pain, but opiod options should not be taken away from a doctors resources to relieve pain. I like Chinese medicine. Mushrooms really work good. Any alternative treatment needs to be accompanied by education of the substance that people use.

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