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    03:30 opening the exotic fruit box
    11:04 Summary of all the fruits in the box
    12:10 Let Your Fruit Ripen Properly at the right temperature
    13:51 Follow me on Instagram
    14:08 Opening up the Purple Dragonfruit
    14:40 Opening up the yellow dragon fruit
    15:03 Sharpest Knife in the World
    15:37 Fruit is the original fast food
    15:50 Taste Testing Yellow Dragon Fruit
    16:30 Prices from Miami Fruit
    17:45 Taste Testing the Purple Dragon Fruit
    18:53 Two fisted dragon fruit-eating
    20:40 How I would rather get fruit from Miami
    21:40 Freeze Dried Fruits
    23:00 Opening Fresh Cacao with a ceramic knife
    24:15 Taste Testing of Fresh Cacao Fruit
    26:30 Best Way to eat cacao Seeds
    27:20 My opinions about Eating Chocolate and Cacao Fruit

  2. It is so funny watching Americans eat foods for the first time that our ancestors and our families were raised on. My family and my friends grow these foods in their backyards. 😃

  3. Dear John, I have just discovered your youtube channels, and I'm very thankful for all the information, especially the video on salt. I thought I could not renounce on salt, but now I will try again. I'm from Germany, so please be indulgent with my language mistakes … When I saw all your videos on micro greens I wondered if you eat anything else but those. Now I'm happy to see that you also eat fruit, and I've just found out that you grow peppers in your garden, too. My peppers, which I grew on my balcony this summer, were delicious, but very small. So I'll watch your recommandations. Thanx in advance 😉

  4. No cactus has anthocyanins. Cacti are caryophylls and the pigments are the same type as those in beets and amaranth. Like beets, excessive consumption of magenta dragonfruit will give you harmless but freaky beeturia (red pee, from the betanins your body is expelling).

  5. Food irradiation is used once the fruit travels outside of the state from which it was grown, thereby destroying everything God, through nature, has put into it. One is just eating a toxin at this point.

  6. I ordered a box once last year then 6 months later they sent me another one by mistake lol didn’t get charged for it either.

    Both boxes had a ton of bananas in them and very few other fruits

  7. This title made me think this was going to be about bad fruit you received. I'm glad it wasn't, but still had me worried for a sec. I have enjoyed ordering fruit from Miami fruit so far…

  8. I found out about this place a few years ago, but it was too expensive for my blood, that's for sure. if they do it right and you get fresh, ripe fruit though it is worth it.

    I would like to get the Gros Michel bananas since they were the bananas I used to eat as a kid, and then after the crop was devastated by the Panama disease. I never did understand as a kid why bananas tasted different at a certain point.

  9. Here's my Miami Fruit review: I was following them on IG. However, they made a post of their plastic water bottle. I made a comment saying "too bad it's plastic" and got blocked. I didn't say anything wrong or derogatory, just that. Very sensitive people. I ordered the sprouted coconut and I thought it was disgusting as it tasted like I was eating a soapy sponge. Literally. But that's just me. I also had ordered the exotic freeze dried fruit pack and it was soooooooo yummy! Loved it even though it took over a week to receive it. Perhaps you vet special treatment John. 😉

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