1. I am shocked about your mental illness.I have always thought that people who seen to have the perfect life do not worry about this form off illness. I have learned something new. I enjoyed. this new segment

  2. Thank you for sharing a subject that many people find difficult to share, or even listen to. I'm glad you were able to find your strength and get off of medication, too. Take good care!

  3. What a great testimony. A lot of us suffer from depression in different degrees and a lot of us know how to hide it. I am so glad you found Jesus. Thank you for your testimony. May God continue to bless you in everything you do.

  4. Thank you Flo, for sharing your story, your thoughts and for helping others and for telling everyone that God is really here, giving us hope, and can always be "Here" for us. When we need him, and when we forget or don't follow him, he is still "here" to call on.
    I know, I experience(d) too, very much similar circumstances. And thankfully God is there to cry out to. Please reach out if you are hurting. You are not alone. You may be alone with God. But God is with you always.

  5. As someone who has battled depression and anxiety, I can relate on this video. But the good news is JESUS. He gives hope and makes all things new! Thank you for you sharing your story. I love your channel 🙂 — your new subbie

  6. That is nice that you found God and have him in your life. I learned as a young teen to trust God and to put my trust in my Christian faith. It was one Christmas when our mother was running low on money and she explained that we would not have toys that year due to her having to think of food first. We was living in a rental house and on Christmas Eve of that year I went to bed feeling sad that we would not have toys and I had a dream that night and in my dream I was shown where there was toys under the house and on Christmas morning I got my brothers up and told them about my dream and we went outside and looked where I was told to look and sure enough there was toy cowboys, and horses under the house and we took them out and cleaned them up and used them and had a nice Christmas day. After that I got involved more in the neighborhood Baptist church and went there on my own most of the time until we moved out of that town. From that day to this I have God in my life and believe totally in him.

  7. I've been there with the panic attacks Flo. They are horrible. I got them in my mid 20s and for about 6 months I suffered with them. I became pretty much home bound. If I got more than a few miles from home I would get a panic attack. I did not know what it was or that it was stress or anxiety related. Then I noticed as I walked into the ER for abt the 4 time in 6 months that I felt better. Then I knew it was my head messing with me. I told myself I got into this one day at a time and that is how I must work my way out. It was hard but I retrained my brain.

    My second health milestone was getting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever at age 41 which nearly killed me. I am 5 years past it and I have some damage but I'm thankful. I'm also thankful I found your channel. When I'm blue or anytime I think about you I look to see what You've said and I always feel better after I watch. I hope you keep this channel up it is great!
    – Perry

  8. Such a wonderful testimonial. I have walked this road too. I found a beautiful relationship with the Father. It has helped knowing I am truly loved by a God that knows all of me. He knows all of me and STILL loves me. It's an amazing thing.

  9. Generally enjoy the videos (especially the cross-Canada trip. Question: why do the kids continue to "perform" in front of the camera? It's sort of distracting particularly when it is done constantly rather than sporadically. Just wondering particularly in light of their ages.

  10. I wish various Asian Communities are moving in the directions that have more Compassionate Open Rational Discussions about Mental Health Issues and their possible Remedies and not like the Old days that treat them by Ignoring or with Shame/Guilt!

  11. I love this video. I cant wait for the next. I suffer from depresion.can I know how often will be the next chapters so I can make sure I see them. I'm glad you are doing well thank you so much for sharing.

  12. I love your video format💓Amazing story!I can relate to your story and this video made me feel the need to watch your videos more… I hope you continue to vlog 🙏🏼All the best🧚🏼‍♀️

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